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Maintenance of policy manual   103
Major medical insurance   804.1
Mandatory fees 940.3
Mathematics and Composition Course Placement   301.17
Meeting notice, Board of Regents   203.2.2
Miles Community College, institutional organization   218.10
Military leave   708.1.1
Minimum course grades   301.5.3
Minimum qualifications for faculty in two-year degree programs   730
Minnesota Dental Program, Eligibility for   504.3
Minority Achievement   1902
Minutes, Board of Regents   203.3.2
Mission statements   219
Montana Associated Students   506.3
Montana Family Education Savings Program   950.2
Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation   505.2
Montana State University-Billings, institutional organization   218.2
Montana State University-Bozeman, institutional organization   218.4
Montana State University-Northern, institutional organization   218.6
Montana STEM Scholarship Program 501.4
Montana Technological University, institutional organization   218.5
Montana Tuition Assistance Program (MTAP)/Baker Grant; eligibility requirements   940.30
Montana University System/employee joint ventures   407
Montana University System employment contracts (non-faculty)   711.1
Moratorium, program   303.4
Motor vehicle fees   940.11
Motor vehicle regulations and parking   1002.1
Multiple year contracts, non-tenure track faculty   711.3
Municipal Finance Consolidation Act Participation   950.1


Named professorships   702.6
Naming of buildings   1004.1
Native American studies   303.5
Natural resource interests   1003.3.1
Negative fund balances   901.11
Non-credit programs   304.2
Non-discrimination   703
Non-profit corporation, Guaranteed Student Loan Program   505.4
Non-reappointment; faculty   706.1;   710.2.1
Non-spectator sports   1201
Non-tenure track faculty; multiple year contracts   711.3
Notice; renewal of appointment, faculty   706.1
Nursing Incentive Program   940.15


Objectives of codification   102
Optional Retirement Program   803.2
Organization, institutional   218
Out-of-state course offerings   303.6
Outdated coursework   301.5.2
Overtime and nonexempt compensatory time   708.1.1
Ownership of electronic course material   406


Parking   1002.1
Parking fees   940.11
Patents, Invention and   401.2
Periodic self-study of board performance   705.5
Performance evaluation; student evaluation of faculty   705.3
Perkins Act   272
Perquisites   805
Personal indemnification   804.4
Peter Potter Loan Trust Fund   901.3
Pilot program on multiple year contracts; non-tenure track faculty   711.3
Police   1006
Policy and procedures, Board of Regents   203.3.3
Policy manual, distribution of   104
Policy manual, maintenance of   103
Policy rescissions   103.1
Policy statement on tuition   940.31
Position descriptions; executive officers   750
Post-retirement employment   712.1
President; contracts   702.5
Presidential automobiles   805
Presidential residences   805
Presidential salaries   802.6
Presidents, appointment   205.1
Presidents, duties and responsibilities   205.2
Presidents, selection and removal of   204.3
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) 301.19
Privacy, security, and monitoring   1302
Probationary appointments; faculty   706.1
Program discontinuance   710.2.1
Program moratorium   303.4
Program reduction   710.2.1
Program review   303.3
Program termination   303.4
Prohibition against conducting board business via electronic mail   203.6
Property (real), transfers of interest   1003.6
Property management, community colleges   1003.2
Purchase, real estate; community colleges   1003.2
Purchase and procurement, information technology and telecommunications equipment and contracts   920.1


Quality Educator Loan Assistance Program   940.14


Real estate; community colleges   1003.2
Real property, transfers of interests in   1003.6
Reappointment; faculty   706.1
Recharge centers, renewal and/or replacement of equipment   901.1
Reciprocal services for students on academic assignment   506.4
Recognition; Canadian Public Institutions   320.3
Refund schedule, fees   940.7
Regents' award for excellence in university system citizenship   780
Regents professorships   702.6
Registration fee, late   940.4
Registration, simultaneous   305.1
Reimbursement (expense) for university employees by affiliated organizations   901.14
Relinquishment of course fees   940.13.1
Remote work arrangements  715
Removal, demolition, or alteration of property   1003.5
Renewal and/or replacement of equipment recharge centers   901.1
Renewal notice; faculty   706.1
Rental and Royalty Income, AES   901.4
Research and Technology Transfer   401
Research proposals; inter-campus communication   403
Reserve Revolving Accounts   901.15
Residence, presidential   805
Residency policy   940.1
Royalty income, AES   901.4
Rural Physician Incentive Program   940.25