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Sabbatical assignment     801.1
Salaries; Commissioner of Higher Education and Campus CEO's     802.8
Salaries; executive     802.8
Salaries; presidential    802.6
Scholarship and stipend accounts, Use of general operations savings to establish     901.13
Scholarships     501.1;   501.2;   501.3;   501.4
Security, privacy, and monitoring     1302
Security of data and information technology resources     1300.1
Security and law enforcement operations   1006
Self-insurance; group plan   804.1
Service; faculty   706.1
Short courses and workshops, credit for   309.1
Sick leave   708.1.1
Sick leave fund   801.7.1
Sick leave, transferability of annual and   801.8
Signatures on behalf of Board of Regents   204.3
Simultaneous registration   305.1
Single admissions file   301.5.4
Smart Buildings Initiative Fund    901.16
Solicitation; campus facilities   1008
Sports; non-spectator   1201
State Authorization (to Operate Postsecondary Institution in the State of Montana)  221
State Funding to Montana University System Campuses, Biennial Allocation   970.1
STEM Scholarship Program   501.4
Stipend (and scholarship) accounts, Use of general operations savings to establish   901.13
Student Assistance Corporation, Montana Higher Education   505.2
Student evaluation of faculty teaching   705.3
Student fee deferment   940.6
Student loan program   505
Student organizations and officers   506.2
Student payroll FICA exemption   901.8
Student teaching; payment to supervising teachers   806.1
Summer session salaries   802.3
Summer session; general   306
Supervising teachers; payment   806.1
Supplemental salaries; disclosure and approval of   802.7
Suspension; faculty   710.2.2
System of controls   301.5.1


Table of contents      101
Tax exempt debt compliance   950.3
Tax sheltered annuities     803.1
Technology transfer, research and     401
Telecommunications equipment; information technology equipment and contracts; purchase and procurement     920.1
Tenure; faculty     706.1
Textbooks, ISBN Numbers and     323.1
Timber sales revenue     901.12
Title IX    507
Total cost of attendance, disclosure of     940.12.1
Transcript fees     940.5
Transcripts; withholding     940.21
Transfer of credits     301.5
Transfer students, continuous enrollment for      301.14
Transferability of sick and annual leave     801.8
Transfers of interests in real property     1003.6
Travel, employee     807.1
Travel expenses & reimbursement, Board of Regents     807.2
Tuition assistance program (MTAP)/Baker grant     940.30
Tuition approval, fee and     940.12.1
Tuition; policy statement      940.31
Tuition waiver for dependents     940.32
Tuition waivers and Discounts  940.13



Unauthorized copying and use of computer
software   1901.1
Undergraduate degree requirements   301.11
Undergraduate degree requirements; associate degrees   301.12
University System/employee joint ventures   407
University of Montana-Missoula, institutional organization   218.1
University of Montana Western, institutional organization   218.3
Use of campus facilities   1008
Use of general operations savings to establish scholarship and stipend accounts   901.13
Use of plant funds, including student building fee reserves, for projects under $75,000   940.9.1
Use of plant funds, including student building fee reserves, for projects over $75,000   940.9.2
Use of timber sales revenues   901.12
User responsibilities; Information technology   1303.1,   1304.1,   1305.1


Vacation leave   708.1.1
Vacation leave; academic-ranked faculty   801.14.1
Vehicles, fees   940.11
Vehicle policy and procedures   1002.2


WICHE Undergraduate Student Program   504.4
WICHE, WWAMI, and Minnesota Dental Programs, Eligibility for   504.3
WWAMI, Contract Requirements for 940.24
WWAMI, Eligibility for   504.3
Waivers, tuition   940.13
Western, The University of Montana, institutional organization   218.3
Workers' compensation; Workplace safety   713.1
Workers' compensation; Early Return to Work/Modified Duty   713.2
Workshops; credit   309.1
Work study program   504.2
Workplace safety   713.1


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