Section 900 - Financial Affairs


Section Contents
901.1 Renewal and/or Replacement of Equipment in Recharge Centers
901.3 Peter Potter Loan Trust Fund
901.4 Trust Land Income
901.6 Facilities Maintenance Account
901.7 Donations
901.8 Student Payroll FICA Exemption
901.9 Campus-Affiliated Foundations
901.10 Retirement Costs Revolving Account
901.11 Negative Fund Balances
901.12 Use of Timber Sales Revenues  (REPEALED 11-19-2021 - See Policy 901.4)
901.13 Use of General Operations Savings to Establish Scholarship and Stipend Accounts
901.14 Payment or Expense Reimbursement for University Employees by Affiliated Organizations
901.15 Establishment of Reserve Revolving Accounts
901.16 Smart Buildings Initiative Fund
910.1 Budgeting; Community Colleges
920.1 Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment and Contracts; Purchase or Procurement
930.1 Internal Audit Reports [REPEALED - See Policy 210]
940.1 Residency Policy | See Corresponding Commissioner's Directive
940.2 Application Fee
940.3 Mandatory Fees
940.4 Late Registration Fee
940.5 Transcript Fee
940.6 Fee Deferment
940.7 Fee Refund Schedule
940.8 Montana Resident Undergraduate Student Financial Aid
940.9.1 Use of Plant Funds; Including Student Building Fee Reserves, for Projects Under $75,000  (REPEALED 11-19-2021 - See Policy 940.9.2)
940.9.2 Use of Plant Funds; Including Student Building Fee Reserves for Projects
940.9.3 Building Fee; Use of (REPEALED 5-24-2018 - See Policy 940.3)
940.10 Continuing Education Fees
940.11 Motor Vehicle Registration Fees
940.12.1 Tuition and fee approval; Disclosure of total cost of attendance
940.13 Tuition Waivers and Discounts | See Corresponding Commissioner's Directive
940.13.1 Relinquishment of Course Fees; Fully Sponsored Programs
940.14 Quality Educator Loan Assistance Program (REPEALED 11-22-2019 - See Policy 940.8)
940.15 Institutional Nursing Incentive Program
940.18 Audit and Listener Fees
940.20 Annual Tuition and Fees for eLearning; Montana University System
940.21 Authorization to Withhold Registration, Transcripts and Diplomas from Students
940.24 Contract Requirements for the University of Washington Cooperative Medical Education Program (WWAMI)
940.25 Rural Physician Incentive Program
940.30 Montana Tuition Assistance Program (MTAP) Eligibility Requirements (REPEALED 11-22-2019 - See Policy 940.8)
940.31 Policy Statement on Tuition
940.32 Tuition Waiver for Dependents
950.1 Municipal Finance Consolidation Act
950.2 Montana Family Education Savings Program
950.3 Tax Exempt Debt Compliance
960.1 Identity Theft Detection, Prevention, and Mitigation
970.1 Biennial Allocation of State Funding to Montana University System Campuses