Section 700 - Personnel

Section Contents
702.1 Appointment of Faculty
702.2 Appointment; Commissioner's Staff  (REPEALED 01/06/2022)
702.3 Appointment; Campus Personnel (consultants, etc.)
702.4 Appointment; Legal Counsel
702.5 Appointment; Executive Contracts; Commissioner and Presidents
702.6 Appointment; Regents Professorship
702.7 Appointment; Faculty, Emeriti
703 Non-discrimination; Montana University System
704 Labor Negotiations; General
705.1 BOR Executive Officer Review & Board Stewardship Assessment
705.3 Performance Evaluation; Student Evaluation of Faculty Teaching
705.5 Periodic Self-Study of Board Performance
706.1 Tenure; Faculty
707 Classification
708.1 Department of Administration Personnel Policies; Adoption
708.1.1 Department of Administration; Personnel Policies Adopted, Montana University System
710.2.1 Faculty; Financial Exigency
710.2.2 Faculty; For Cause
711.1 Montana University System Employment Contracts (Non-Faculty)
711.2 Board of Regents Employment Contracts
711.3 Multi-Year Contracts for Non-Tenure Track Faculty
711.4 Faculty Contract Approval
712.1 Post-Retirement Employment
713.1 Workplace Safety; Workers' Compensation
713.2 Workers' Compensation; Early Return to Work/Modified Duty
715 Remote Work Arrangements | Agreement Template for Remote Work Arrangements 
730 Minimum Qualifications for Faculty in Two-Year Degree Programs
740 Drug and Alcohol Testing
750 Position Descriptions: Executive Officers
760 Service on Outside Governing Boards; Montana University System | See Corresponding Commissioner's Directive
770 Conflicts of Interest; Montana University System
780 Regents' Award for Excellence in University System Citizenship