Section 200 - Governance and Organization

Section Contents
201.7 By-laws
203.2.2 Board of Regents - Meeting Notice
203.3.2 Board of Regents - Minutes
203.3.3 Board of Regents - Policy and Procedures
203.5.2 Appeals
203.6 Prohibition Against Conducting Board Business Via Electronic Mail
204.2 Commissioner of Higher Education; Appointment
204.2.1 MUS Internal Audit  [REPEALED - See Policy 210]
204.3 Commissioner of Higher Education; Duties
204.4.1   Interunit Advisory Committees; Creation
204.4.2 Interunit Advisory Committees; Operation
205.1 Presidents; Appointments
205.2 Presidents; Duties and Responsibilities
205.2.1 Chancellors; Duties and Responsibilities
205.4 Campus Hospitality
209.1 Community Colleges; Division of Governance Responsibilities
209.2 Community College Districts; Organization
209.3 Lincoln County/Flathead Valley Community College Service Region
210 MUS Internal Audit | MUS Internal Audit Charter
211 MUS Compliance and Reporting Hotline
218 Institutional Organization
218.1 Institutional Organization; The University of Montana-Missoula
218.2 Institutional Organization; Montana State University-Billings
218.3   Institutional Organization; The University of Montana Western
218.4 Institutional Organization; Montana State University-Bozeman
218.5 Institutional Organization; Montana Technological University
218.6 Institutional Organization; Montana State University-Northern
218.8 Institutional Organization; Agricultural Experiment Station
218.10 Institutional Organization; Miles Community College
218.11 Institutional Organization; Montana University System
219 Mission Statements; Montana University System
219.1 Institutional Mission Parameters; Montana University System
220 Higher Education Centers
220.1   Community College Education Centers
221 Authorization to Operate Postsecondary Institution in the State of Montana
272 Perkins Act