Board of Regents Policy & Procedures Manual


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General education transfer policy   301.10
General operations savings (use of) to establish scholarship and stipend accounts   901.13
Governor's Postsecondary Scholarship Program   501.3
Grades, minimum (course)   301.5.3
Grievances not subject to collective bargaining   203.5.2
Guaranteed Student Loan Program   505


Hearings   203.5.2
Heritage property   1003.5
High school honor scholarships   501.1
Higher Education Centers   220
Holiday exchange   801.5
Holidays   708.1.1
Home school   301
Honorary degrees   322.1
Housing allowances   805


Indemnification, personal   804.4
Identify equivalent courses   301.5.5
Identity Theft Detection, Prevention, and Mitigation   960.1
Indian studies   303.5 
Information technology

Electronic mail (employees, students)   1303.3,   1304.3
Internet reporting   1307
Internet services (employees, students)   1303.2,   1304.2
Logging on and off computer resources   1306
Privacy, security, and monitoring   1302
Security of data and information technology resources   1300.1
User responsibilities (employees, students, and patrons)   1303.1,   1304.1,   1305.1

Information technology and telecommunications equipment and contracts, purchase and procurement   920.1
Institutional mission parameters  219.1
Institutional Nursing Incentive Program    940.15
Institutional organization   218
Insurance, self; group plan   804.1
Inter-unit advisory committees, creation   204.4.1
Inter-unit advisory committees, operation   204.4.2
Intercollegiate athletics   1202.2
International Travel  325
Internet reporting   1307
Internet services; information technology   1303.2,   1304.2
Invention and patents   401.2
Inventory; academic programs   303.8
Inventory; fees   940.12.1
ISBN Numbers and Textbooks   323.1


Joint ventures, university system/employee   407
Jury leave   708.1.1


(No entries beginning with K)


Labor negotiations; general   704
Late registration fee   940.4
Law enforcement and security operations   1006
Lease, property; community colleges   1003.2
Leave without pay   708.1.1
Leave without pay (faculty, administrators, professionals)   801.3
Leave, general   708.1.1
Legal counsel; appointment   702.4
Legislative representation   204.3
Letters of appointment   711.1
Lincoln County/Flathead Valley Community College Service Region   209.3
Listener fees 940.18
Logging on and off computer resources   1306