Flathead Valley Community College
Room 139 – Arts & Technology Building

May 21, 2015
1:15 PM– 3:00 PM

Committee Members: Regents Fran Albrecht, Chair; Jeff Krauss, and Bill Johnstone

  1. Request to Execute Utility Easement with City of Missoula; UM-Missoula 
    ITEM 167-1007-R0515 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2
  2. Request to Execute Utitlity Easement with Mountain Water Co.; UM-Missoula 
    ITEM 167-1008-R0515 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2
  3. Request to Expend Student Computer Fees; MT-Tech  ITEM 167-1501-R0515
  4. Request to Expend Student Computer Fees; Helena College UM  ITEM 167-1905-R0515 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2
  5. Request for Lease On-Campus Site for NEON Research Project; MSU-Bozeman
    ITEM 167-2009-R0515 | Attachment #1
  6. Request to Execute Lease for the Montana State University Nursing Program at Kalispell; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 167-2010-R0515
  7. Request to Execute Lease for the Montana State University Nursing Program at Great Falls; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 167-2011-R0515
  8. Request to Expend Computer Fees; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 167-2012-R0515
  9. Request to Expend Student Equipment Fees; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 167-2013-R0515
  10. Request to Execute Lease for the Troops to Teachers Program; MSU-Bozeman
    ITEM 167-2014-R0515
  11. Request to Execute an Easement Agreement for City Water Service Extension; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 167-2027-R0515 | Attachment #1
  12. Request to Expend Computer Fees; MSU-Northern  ITEM 167-2801-R0515
  13. Request for Renewal of Operating Agreement; MSU and MSU Alumni Foundation; MSU-Bozeman   ITEM 167-2026-R0515 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2
  14. Request to Enter into Operating Agreement between MSU-Northern and the MSU-Northern Foundation; MSU-Northern;  ITEM 167-2806-R0515 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2
1:30 PM   ACTION
  1. Naming Item; UM-Missoula ITEM 167-1011-R0515

  2. Request to Construct Energy Conservation Projects for Chemistry Biology Building and the Engineering Laboratory Classroom Building; MT-Tech ITEM 167-1502-R0515 | Attachment #1

  3. Request to Construct and Finance Parking Facility; MSU Bozeman ITEM 167-2015-R0515 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2

  4. Revision of BOR Policy 940.12.1 – Tuition and Fee Approval; Disclosure of Total Cost of Attendance; OCHE  ITEM 167-103-R0515  | Attachment #1

  5. Campus Allocation Recommendations; OCHE ITEM 167-105-R0515 | Attachment #1

  6. Performance Funding Model, FY16 – FY17; OCHE  ITEM 167-104-R0515 |
    PF Model - Request for Approval  |  FY16 PF Allocations

  7. FY 16 and FY 17 Tuition and Fees; OCHE ITEM 167-102-R0515| Proposed Tuition Summary | Proposed Mandatory Fee SummaryCampus Tuition & Fee Schedules
  1. Audit Reports
  2. Annual Authorities Reports
3:00 PM   Adjourn on completion of business