University of Montana Western
March 6, 2020
Swysgood Technology Center Great Room
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Committee Members: Regent Paul Tuss, Chair; Regent Bob Nystuen; Regent Casey Lozar; Regent Joyce Dombrouski

8:30 AM  

Staff Items:

  1. Staff Item; UM-MissoulaITEM 187-1000-R0320
  2. Labor Agreements; OCHE/MUS ITEM 187-104-R0320| Attachment #1

Emeriti Faculty:

  1. Beall; UM-Missoula ITEM 187-1012-R0320
  2. Freeman; UM-Missoula ITEM 187-1013-R0320
  3. Ramey; UM-Missoula ITEM 187-1014-R0320
  4. Bowman; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 187-2001-R0320
  5. Tablert; MSU-BozemanITEM 187-2002-R0320
  6. Heiat; MSU-BillingsITEM 187-2701-R0320
  7. Heiat; MSU-BillingsITEM 187-2702-R0320

Facility Items:

  1. Request for Authorization to Execute a Lease between MSU-Billings Foundation and MSU-Billings; ITEM 187-2703-R0320 | Attachment #1
  2. Request for Authorization to Grant an Easement for Triangle Communications on Northern Agricultural Research Center (NARC) Property; Montana Agricultural Experiment Station; ITEM 187-2301-R0320| Attachment #1 | Attachment #2
  3. Request for Authorization to Replace Liberal Arts and Library Boilers; MSU-Billings ITEM 187-2704-R0320 | Attachment #1
  4. Request for Authorization to Increase Spending Authority for Phase 1 of Athletic Field Improvement Project; MSU-Northern ITEM 187-2801-R0320 | Attachment #1


  1. Request for Approval to Revise BOR Policy 970.1 – Biennial Allocation of State Funding; OCHE/MUS ITEM 187-101-R0320 | Attachment #1
  2. Request for Approval to Revise BOR Policy 901.6 – Facilities Maintenance Account; OCHE/MUS ITEM 187-102-R0320 | Attachment #1
  3. Request for Approval to Repeal, Modify, and Consolidate BOR Policies related to MUS Internal Audit (could be consent); OCHE/MUS ITEM 187-103-R0320 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2 | Attachment #3

Facility Items:

  1. Request for Authorization to Repair Streets and Sidewalks; UM-Missoula ITEM 187-1019-R0320 | Attachment #1
  2. Request for Authorization for Renovation of Corner Store; UM-Missoula ITEM 187-1020-R0320 | Attachment #1
  3. Request for Authorization for Structural Repairs to Washington Grizzly Stadium; UM-Missoula ITEM 187-1021-R0320 | Attachment #1
  4. Request for Authorization to Implement Elevator Projects; UM-MissoulaITEM 187-1022-R0320 | Attachment #1
  5. Request for Authorization to Construct a New Parking and Security Facility; UM-MissoulaITEM 187-1023-R0320 | Attachment #1
  6. Request for Authorization to Upgrade and Repair Underground Lecture Halls; UM-MissoulaITEM 187-1024-R0320 | Attachment #1
  7. Request for Approval to Remodel Mathews Hall; UM-Western ITEM 187-1601-R0320 | Attachment #1
  8. Request for Authorization for Renovations for new Nursing Simulation (SIM) Lab; MT Tech ITEM 187-1503-R0320 | Attachment #1
  9. Request authorization to issue Series G&H 2020 Refunding Revenue Bonds; Montana State University Item 187-2005-R0320 | Attachment #1
  1. FY21 Performance Funding Allocations
  2. 2023 Biennial Budget Development
  3. Long-Range Building Program (LRBP), 2023 Biennium

10:00 AM   Adjourn on completion of business