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  • Montana DLI – Safety and Health Bureau– Strives to raise the awareness of Montana employers and employees about workplace safety and health through inspection, consultation, technical assistance and training.
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Assistance Bureau - MT DLI offers claim assistance to any employee in the state. The MT DLI is an excellent outside resource for answers to questions regarding workers’ compensation.
  • DLI Workers’ Compensation Benefits Summary - Summary of most commonly requested information on workers' compensation benefits prepared annually by DLI.
  • MT Utilization and Treatment Guides - Establishes evidence-based utilization and treatment (U&T) guidelines for medical services under workers' compensation. DLI has adopted the MT Work Comp Drug Formulary as part of its U&T Guidelines. A drug formulary is a list of prescription drugs, both generic and brand name, that offer the greatest overall value.
  • Reopening Closed Medical Benefits - For claims filed after June 30, 2011, workers’ compensation medical benefits automatically close 60 months (5 years) from the date of injury (DOI) or from the date of diagnoses (DOD). Injured workers may petition DLI to reopen medical benefits. Reopening of medical benefits does not apply when those benefits have been closed by settlement, court order or permanent disability.
  • Subsequent Injury Fund  (SIF) The Legislature established the SIF to assist persons with permanent work restrictions in becoming employed.  SIF-certified workers' are entitled to all the same workers’ compensation benefits as non-certified workers'; however, the employer’s insurance liability is capped at the first 104 weeks.  Contact the SIF to apply for certification.

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