Ready for Dual Enrollment? Follow these steps:

1. Determine Your Eligibility

Montana students age 16-19 with junior or senior standing are eligible for dual enrollment and One-Two-Free, with some exceptions.


2. Contact Your Counselor

Contact your high school counselor to learn about course options and get approval to take dual enrollment. Approval from your counselor or another school official is a required part of the dual enrollment application process at each campus.   

3. Contact a Campus Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Dual Enrollment Coordinators on each campus can help you with the application process and direct you to the courses that will work best for you.



Getting Started with One-Two-Free:

One-Two-Free is the Montana University System's Dual Enrollment program. There are not any additional eligibility requirements or extra steps needed to participate in One-Two-Free. Dual Enrollment coordinators at campuses that are part of One-Two-Free will help you determine how many free courses or credits you have remaining.



Dual Enrollment Courses:

Most 100- and 200-level courses are available for Dual Enrollment. You may take courses on campus, online, or in your high school. The best way to get more information on courses is to talk to your counselor or contact a Campus Dual Enrollment Coordinator