Workers' Compensation First Report

Claims for workers’ compensation need to be reported on a First Report of Injury (FROI) form. 

MUS employees should report injuries to their supervisor  and complete a FROI immediately following a work-related injury. Prompt reporting leads to best injury recoveries, allows workplace hazards to be eliminated, and helps protect your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.  Delayed reporting – even up to the 30 days for injuries or 1-year from knowing or should-have-known of an occupational disease,  as  allowed by MT workers’ compensation law - can result in lost injury prevention opportunities, delayed recovery,  and may complicate your ability to  substantiate work-relatedness.  Workers’ compensation for Injuries and illnesses reported beyond allowed timelines are denied.  

MUS employees and supervisors may complete the FROI electronically via an encrypted system.

Employees of the Montana University System (MUS) are provided with Workers' Compensation coverage through the MUS Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation Program.  This coverage is provided at no cost to employees.

Workers' Compensation benefits are paid in cases of work-related injuries and diseases that are incurred accidentally through the course and scope of employment and that are verified by medically objective facts.    Benefits available through the MUS Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation Program include related expenses for: 

  • Approved medical, hospital and related services;
  • Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work assistance;
  • Wage compensation for those who are temporarily unable to work.  Under current rules,  replacement wages equal to 2/3 of the employee’s average weekly wages, calculated using the previous 4 pay periods, up to a maximum weekly amount established annually by the State Department of Labor.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation opportunities and Disability Compensation in cases of permanent loss of bodily function.

For a comprehensive explanation of benefits available to an injured worker please see the Montana Department of Labor (DLI) Explanation of Workers' Compensation Benefits.

MUS employees who work and reside outside Montana on a more than temporary basis see additional instructions. Workers’ compensation is regulated state-by-state, MUS purchases a workers’ compensation insurance policy to ensure its non-Montana employees have appropriate state-specific coverage. This claim process may vary slightly from that described for Montana employees.