The MUS Self-Funded Work Comp Program is implementing $afety $mart to promote and support campus injury and illness prevention and loss control programs.

The MUS $afety $mart Program is designed to fund select campus initiatives that improve employee safety and help prevent work-related injuries or illness. Injury and illness prevention is a smart and effective method to protect MUS employees and control Work Comp costs.  To learn more about this safety and loss control initiative, read the $afety $mart Program Policy, contact a campus work comp representative or your Work Comp Committee Member.  Campus personnel are highly encouraged to work through the campus Environmental Health and Safety Dpt.,  Risk Management Dpt. or Safety Committee for assistance in developing and completing the $afety $mart Application Form.   Applications must be signed by a person with unit/subunit financial authority and recipients must comply with state and campus procurement rules, accounting and auditing practices. $afety $mart applications are evaluated and awards are made by the Committee based on $afety $mart Program criteria.   Funding is not guaranteed.  Annual determination of the availability of $afety $mart funding is made solely by the MUS Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation Committee. $afety $mart awards may only be used as described in the application and recipients must file a report describing the implementation and impact of the $afety $mart funded project. 

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