Last updated:  April 12, 2024


Clayton Christian

Commissioner of Higher Education

Jasmine Casanovas

Executive Assistant to the Commissioner

Galen Hollenbaugh

Deputy Commissioner for Government Relations and Communications

Leanne Kurtz

Communications Director

Tamara Turner

Administrative Support Specialist

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Academic, Research & Student Affairs

Joe Thiel

Interim Deputy Commissioner, Academic, Research & Student Affairs

Susan Balter-Reitz

Director of Online Initiatives

Angela DeWolf King

Director of Transfer and Special Projects

Ciera Franks-Ongoy

Perkins Equity and Compliance Manager

Jayci Hacker

Director of Student Well-being

Angela McLean

Director of American Indian / Minority Achievement and K-12 Partnerships

Crystine Miller

Director of Student Affairs and Student Engagement

ML Rutherford

Perkins Program Manager

Chase Stahl

CTE Data Specialist

Jacque Treaster

Director of Dual Enrollment and Career & Technical Education

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Montana Educational Talent Search (METS)

Derek Calvert

Interim Director of METS & EOC /
EOC & METS Program Specialist

Dawes Elwood

METS College Access Manager

Carla Guarisco

Pre-College Advisor II (Flathead Area Schools)

Elizabethe Maloney-Barrett 

Pre-College Advisor (Great Falls Area Schools)

Rowland Wilber

Pre-College Advisor (Great Falls Area Schools)

Collena Brown

Pre-College Advisor (Lodge Grass & Hardin Area Public Schools)

Mandy Fisher

Pre-College Advisor (Pablo Area Public Schools)

Educational Opportunity Center

Andrew Richards

EOC Outreach Advisor, Butte Service Area


EOC Program Specialist

Angie Wild

EOC Outreach Advisor, Missoula Service Area

Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP)

Jeannie Origbo

Director, GEAR UP

John Kilgour  

GEAR UP Program Manager

Kelley Tippett

GEAR UP Data Analysis & Assessment Manager

Karen Wilson

GEAR UP School Grant Manager

Lucas Jensen

GEAR UP Communication Manager

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Budget, Administration & Planning

Tyler Trevor

Deputy Commissioner for Budget & Planning, Chief of Staff

Jamie Dushin

Accounting Manager

Angelina Fillinger

Accounting Specialist

Chad Lee

MUS Accountant

Scott Lemmon

Director of Admissions and Enrollment Strategy

Shauna Lyons

MUS Director of Budget & Planning

Eric Meredith

Developer and Business Intelligence Manager

Edwina Morrison

OCHE Office IT / Web Manager

Sheila Newlun

Scholarship Coordinator

Brian O'Connor

Chief Procurement Officer

Morgan Sabol

Accounting Technician

Jared Smith

Computer Support Specialist

Marlys Stark

Student Assistance Support Manager

John Thunstrom

MUS IT Director

Amy Unsworth

Director of Student Assistance

Margaret Wallace

Director of Assurance and Enterprise Risk

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Human Resources

Kerry Davant

Executive Director of Human Resources

Jackie Salveson

Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations

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Health & Retirement Benefits

Mary Lachenbruch

Executive Director of Insurance & Benefits

Neal Andrews

MUS Wellness Program Manager/Fitness Specialist

Amy Berry

Associate Director of Benefits

Chelsi Dupler

Benefits Enrollment and Accounting Specialist

Joan Fabricius

Registered Nurse Case Manager

Kelsey Hartzheim

MUS Benefits & Wellness Specialist

Jane Liedle

Benefits and Medicare Specialist and Training Expert

Kelley Shields

Benefits Communications Manager

Traci Swingley

Benefits Specialist

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Legal Division

Ali Bovingdon

MUS Chief Legal Counsel

Hannah Tokerud

Associate Legal Counsel