Montana University System
560 N. Park Avenue - 4th Floor
P.O. Box 203201
Helena, Montana 59620-3201
Phone: (406) 449-9124
FAX: (406) 449-9171
Last updated: March 27, 2020

OCHE Organization Chart (pdf)

Montana Postsecondary Education Directory (pdf)



Clayton Christian Commissioner of Higher Education 449-9125
Karen Ogden Communications Director 449-9173
Amy Unsworth Executive Assistant to the Commissioner & Policy Coordinator 449-9127
Heather Wells Administrative Associate 449-9130

Academic, Research & Student Affairs

Brock Tessman Deputy Commissioner, Academic, Research & Student Affairs 449-9129
Katy Brooke Perkins Program Manager 449-9141
Dan Karalus Dual Enrollment Program Manager 449-9128
Angela McLean Director of American Indian / Minority Achievement and
K-12 Partnerships
Crystine Miller Director of Student Affairs and Student Engagement 449-9133
Rebecca Power Academic Initiatives Analyst 449-9143
Joe Thiel Director of Academic Policy & Research 449-9134
Jacque Treaster Director of Dual Enrollment and Career & Technical Education 449-9135

Montana Educational Talent Search

Jeannie Origbo Director, Montana Educational Talent Search 449-9136
Derek Calvert Program Manager 449-9137
Shonna Dillon Pre-College Advisor (Crow Area Schools) 639-2707
Carla Guarisco Pre-College Advisor (Flathead Area Schools) 275-4871
Rory Haugen Pre-College Advisor (Flathead Area Schools) 275-4871
vacant Pre-College Advisor (Blackfeet Area Schools) 338-2745
vacant Pre-College Advisor (Blackfeet Area Schools) 338-2745
Virginia Knerr Pre-College Advisor (Great Falls Area Schools) 268-6609
Maria Lillrose ETS College Access Manager 449-9138
Kimberly Wombolt Pre-College Advisor (Great Falls Area Schools) 268-6609

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs)

Travis Anderson Director, Gear Up 449-9139
Sam Garetson Gear Up Program Manager 449-9140
Karen Wilson School Grant Manager 449-9144
vacant College Access Program Manager 449-9142

Budget, Administration & Planning

Tyler Trevor Deputy Commissioner for Budget & Planning, Chief of Staff 449-9145
Jamie Dushin Accounting Manager 449-9169
Kelly Hert Federal Accountant 449-9147
Shauna Lyons MUS Budget Analyst 449-9126
Eric Meredith Business Intelligence Analyst 449-9165
Edwina Morrison OCHE Office IT / Web Manager 449-9150
Lindsey Mueller Accounting and Student Assistance Analyst 449-9149
Ron Muffick Director of Operations & Administration 449-9151
Diedra Murray MUS Internal Auditor 449-9148
Sheila Newlun State Scholarship Coordinator 449-9168
Brian O'Connor Chief Procurement Officer 994-5016
Danielle Sanders Accounting Specialist 449-9146
Jared Smith Computer Support Specialist 449-9152
John Thunstrom MUS IT Director 544-3822
Laurie Tobol Director of Student Assistance / State Certifying Officer 449-9153

Human Resources

Kevin McRae Deputy Commissioner, Human Resources 449-9154
Jackie Salveson Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations 449-9155
Leah Tietz Director, Work Comp & Risk Management 449-9156

Health & Retirement Benefits

Mary Lachenbruch Director of Insurance & Benefits 449-9158
Amy Berry Associate Director of Retirement Benefits & Pension Plans 449-9159
Chelsi Dupler Benefits Specialist 449-9160
Joan Fabricius Registered Nurse Case Manager 449-9161
Jane Liedle Benefits Specialist 449-9162
Kelley Shields Benefits Communications Manager 449-9163
Susan Witte Health Insurance Regulatory & Compliance Officer 449-9164

Legal Division

Vivian Hammill MUS Chief Legal Counsel / Deputy Commissioner 449-9166
Helen Thigpen Associate Legal Counsel 449-9167
Jessica Weltman MUS Compliance Officer 243-3990