Budget, Administration and Planning

Oversees all aspects of financial administration within the university system.

Provides leadership to and promotes cooperation and collaboration among units of the Montana University System regarding finance and administrative policies and practices.

Oversees the development and presentation of the system’s legislatively appropriated budgets, preparation of the Board of Regents approved operating budgets, and makes recommendations on campus tuition and fee proposals.

Develops and implements the allocation model used to distribute the “lump sum” state support to the educational units and the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Leads in the development of fiscal policy, including tuition and fees, auditing, investments and expenditures.
Provides centralized oversight for the Montana University System facility planning and Long-Range Building Program.

Facilitates the on-going development and measurement of the MUS Strategic Plan.

Provides the most current system-level data and information to a wide range of internal and external constituents.

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