General Meeting Information

The May 2020 Board of Regents meeting will be convened virtually via Zoom. This meeting will be streamed live on YouTube.

Campus Participation

Campus CEOs will receive information on how to register for the meeting. We strongly encourage campus CEOs to join from a computer or laptop with a microphone if at all possible.

Members of Campus who wish to view the meeting may do so by watching the live stream.

Public Comment & Participation

This meeting will be open to the public. If you wish to participate, please email Amy Unsworth at with your name and a request and you will be sent instructions on how to join the meeting. All participants will be muted upon entry.

A time will be provided for oral public comment on the agenda, at that time, members of the public who have joined may "raise their hand" and participate after being recognized by the Board Chair. Comments will be taken in order. Written public comment via email may be sent to Amy Unsworth at

Zoom Tips


Email Amy Unsworth at

Technical Support

If you have any issues with connecting to the meeting, please contact Jared Smith at or 406.449.9152 for assistance.