The University of Montana Western
Great Room, Swysgood Technology Center

Thursday, March 1, 2012
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Committee Members: Regents Major Robinson, Chair; Angela McLean, and Paul Tuss

Printable Agenda

5:00 PM   ACTION
  1. Commissioner Emerita: Sheila M. Stearns OCHE  ITEM 154-101-R0312
  2. Employee Equity Interest, Policy 407: Pascual;  UM-Missoula  ITEM 154-1006-R0312 | Attachment #1

Staff Items

  1. MSU-Billings ITEM 154-2700-R0312
  2. Professor Emeritus of Film and Photography: William Neff; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 154-2001-R0312
  3. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science: Denbigh Starkey; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 154-2002-R0312
  4. Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences: Stephan Custer; MSU- Bozeman  ITEM 154-2003-R0312
  5. Professor Emeritus of Art: Neil Jussila; MSU-Billings  ITEM 154-2701-R0312
  6. Adjunct Assistant Professor Emeritus: Patricia Holman; MSU-Billings    ITEM 154-2702-R0312
  7. Professor Emeritus of Music: James Robertson; MSU-Billings  ITEM 154-2703-R0312
  8. Dean Emeritus: Sharon Alexander; UM-Missoula  ITEM 154-1005-R0312
  9. Professor Emeritus of Business: Amarjit Sethi; UM-Western  ITEM 154-1601-R0312
  10. Professor Emeritus of English: Gary Lundy; UM-Western  ITEM 154-1602-R0312

Labor Agreements

  1. The University of Montana Faculty  ITEM 154-102-R0312 | Attachment #1
  2. Montana State University – Northern Faculty  ITEM 154-103-R0312 | Attachment #2
5:15 PM   Compensation Focus Group Update
5:25 PM   Public Comment
5:30 PM   Adjourn on completion of business