Montana Board of Regents Meeting


Montana State University - Billings
Student Union Building, Ballroom

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
9:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Committee Members: Regents Angela McLean (Chair), Clay Christian, and Steve Barrett

Printable Agenda

 9:45 AM
  1. Authorization to Expend Student Equipment Fees; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 152-2007-R0911
  2. Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fees; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 152-2008-R0911
  3. Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fees; MSU-Billings  ITEM 152-2701-R0911
  4. Authorization to Expend Student Equipment Fees; MSU-Great Falls COT  ITEM 152-2904-R0911
  5. Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fees; MSU-Great Falls COT  ITEM 152-2905-R0911
  6. Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fees; UM-Western  ITEM 152-1601-R0911
  7. Operating Agreement Between UM-Western and UM-Western Foundation; UM-Western  ITEM 152-1603-R0911
  8. Revision of Policy 1004.1, Naming of Buildings; OCHE  ITEM 152-129-R0911 | Attachment #1
  9. Revision of Policy 1003.6, Transfers of Interests in Real Property, and Repeal of Policy 1007, Leases of Campus Property; OCHE  ITEM 152-130-R0911 | Attachment # 1 | Attachment #2
  10. Fire Training Advisory Council Appointments; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 152-2011-R0911


  1. Construction of New Residence Hall, Renovation of Existing Halls and Bond Issue for Projects;  MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 152-2010-R0911 | Attachment #1  | Attachment #2  |  Attachment #3
  2. Authorization of COT Street Resurfacing; MSU-Billings  ITEM 152-2703-R0911
  3. Authorization to Renovate IT Metals and Authorization to Include Reverted Appropriation in Funding; UM-Western  ITEM 152-1602-R0911
  4. Authorization to Enter Into Off-Campus Lease for Extension Housing Program Facility;  MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 152-2009-R0911 | Attachment #1
  5. FY 12 MUS Operating Budgets; OCHE  ITEM 152-111-R0911


  1. Update Bio-Fuels Research Project; MSU-Northern
  2. Curry Health Center Renovation; UM-Missoula
  3. MAEDC Dissolution Impact on MonTEC;  UM-Missoula


  1. Review of MUS Budget Metrics – Robinson
  2. Budget Conversation
11:50 AM Public Comment
12:00 PM Adjourn on completion of business

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