Application Process

Application cycle runs May 1 through August 1.

The MRPIP application is a joint application submitted by an interested physician and a supporting facility (hospital or clinic) located in the community where the physician is practicing or is considering practice. The application contains sections for both the physician and supporting facility to complete. A separate loan information/verification form must be completed for each educational loan being submitted for repayment consideration. Only bona fide legally enforceable commercial, state, government, or private education loans made for the purpose of the borrower’s medical education qualify for loan repayment; personal loans do not qualify. Eligible education debt may include undergraduate education, but cannot include debt incurred during residency or professional training.

Suggested Application Materials

Before you begin the application process for the Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program, it may be helpful to have the following information and documentation gathered.

  • CV/résumé
  • College entry and graduation dates
  • Employer’s Human Resources contact information
    • Documentation from supporting facility identifying the need for assistance with physician recruitment/retention
  • Montana Medical License Number
  • Information about any other loan repayment programs, including NHSC, HIS, or employer loan repayment programs
  • Professional references
  • Current loan servicer information to include:
    • Institution name and contact
    • Purpose and type
    • Date
    • Original amount and current amount
    • Loan Verification Form
    • Copy of current statement or balance


To get started, create an account via the Award Montana Portal and select "applications," then MRPIP from the drop-down box located under the Loan Repayment Program section. Read through each section carefully. You'll be asked for information about your education and residency and questions related to your medical license, medical practice, reference, and education debt.

The Medical Practice section is important to read carefully as it will launch a supporting institution form for your organization to complete as part of your application materials. The Education Debt section is also an essential piece of your application. Read through all instructions carefully. It can take loan servicers a few weeks to process and return a loan verification form (LVF), so the earlier they receive it, the better. Upon completion by you and your lender, upload the completed LVF form, a copy of your current statement of loan account, and mark your loan verification status as "supplied." Once you've read the confirmation & submission page information and have signed, you can click the "submit" button on your application. Check back into the Award Montana Portal for application updates.

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Application Opens May 1, 2024    -   Application Deadline August 1, 2024