Optics & Photonics, MSU: $2.5M

Research team is partnering with 10 private MT companies to create 1) ultra-compact spectral imagers for precision agriculture, wild fire mapping, and natural resources; 2) hyperspectral imaging for monitoring cell growth and real-time image processing for disease studies, drug testing, and food sorting; 3) microcavity sensors for hyperspectral imaging for skin cancer detection, counterfeit drug detection, precision agriculture, and natural resources; 4) micro- mirror technology for microscopy, medical imaging, and astronomy; 5) active waveguides and integrated optical circuits that allow MSU and the MT companies to enter the multi-billion-dollar telecommunications and defense markets of optical waveguides and integrated photonic circuits; 6) optical parametric oscillator for tunable lasers for chemical gas detection; and 7) nonlinear optical detection of surface contaminants to assess drinking water contamination and pesticide usage.