Goal Statement

Establish collaborative programs among institutions, the private sector, and the state to expand research, technology transfer, the commercialization of new technologies, and the development of our entrepreneurs

Goal 2: Workforce & Economic Development

System Initiatives: 

MUS Research Initiative:

The MUS received an appropriation of $15M in state funds from the 2015 Montana Legislature to serve as seed money to leverage university-based research into strategic advancements for Montana’s economy.  The fundamental purpose of this research initiative is to: (1) solve Montana problems with Montana solutions; (2) create good Montana private-sector jobs, and/or; (3) grow emerging and important research sectors that contribute to the diversity of Montana’s economy.

The Commissioner of Higher Education administered competitive grants to researchers on the basis of each project’s potential for private-sector job creation, commercialization, and economic return on investment for the State of Montana. Areas of emphasis include agriculture, natural resources and energy, materials and manufacturing, health and biomedical sciences, and technology and computer science.

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Objective 2.2.1

Increase research & development receipts and expenditures

Metric 2.2.1

Objective 2.2.2

Increase technology licenses with Montana businesses

Metric 2.2.2