Academic Program Planningflow chart

Board of Regents' Policy 303.10 requires campuses to report their new postsecondary educational program and academic, research, or administrative unit plans for the next three-year period, including a list of those that may be submitted to the Board of Regents in the upcoming year. Programs are removed from the listing once they have been submitted to the Board or are no longer under consideration by the campus. 

Academic Program Plan Template

2019-2022 Academic Program Plans

TUTORIAL: Academic Program Plan


Requesting an Amendment

To request an amendment to an existing program plan outside of the normal review schedule, please submit a formal request outlining 1) the title of the program/center/institute; 2) award category if applicable; 3) a one paragraph description of the program/center/institute; and 4) an explanation of the extenuating circumstances leading to the request outside of the normal review schedule. Please submit your request on official letterhead to the Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs, so that it may be shared with the Commissioner of Higher Education and Flagship Presidents for review and/or approval. If approved, you will be asked to submit an updated academic program plan.

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Program Planning process or requirements, please contact Joe Thiel, Director of Academic Policy and Research, 406-449-9134.