Montana Board of Regents Meeting


The University of Montana Western
Swysgood Technology Center Great Room
March 9, 2018
TIME 8:15 AM – 9:45 AM

Committee Members: Regents Martha Sheehy, Chair; Casey Lozar; Paul Tuss; Chase Greenfield

8:15 AM  
  1. Regents’ Professor Nomination; MSU ITEM 178-2007-R0318 | Attachment 1
  2. Honorary Doctorate; MSU ITEM 178-2004-R0318
  3. Honorary Doctorate; MSU ITEM 178-2005-R0318
  4. Honorary Doctorate; MT-Tech ITEM 178-1502-R0318
  5. Honorary Doctorate; UM ITEM 178-1004-R0318
  6. Core Themes; Helena College ITEM 178-1902-R0318
  7. Level II Executive Summary | Supporting Documentation
  8. AIMA Council Campus Work Plan | Supporting Documentation
9:00 AM  
  1. National Association of System Heads TS3 High Impact Practices Initiative Overview
  2. Level I Memorandum (October, December, January)
  3. Intent to Plan Proposals (October, November, December, January)
9:45 AM   Adjourn on completion of business

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