Montana Board of Regents Meeting


Location: Strand Union Building – Ballroom A
November 16, 2017
2:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Committee Members: Regent Bill Johnstone, Chair; Regent Bob Nystuen; Regent Casey Lozar;
Regent Paul Tuss

2:15 PM  
  1. Policy Revision 940.25, Rural Physician Incentive Program ITEM 177-101-R1117 | Attachment #1

  2. Proposed Policy Revision 940.24 – Contract requirements for University of Washington Cooperative Medical Education Program (WWAMI) ITEM 177-102-R1117 | Attachment #1

  3. Request for authorization for renewal of Operating Agreement between Montana State University and Montana State University Foundation, Inc.; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2007-R1117 | Attachment #1

  4. Request for authorization to grant a right-of-way to the City of Billings, Montana State University Billings; MSU-Billings ITEM 177-2701-R1115 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2 | Attachment #3 | Attachment #4 | Attachment #5

  5. Request for authorization of amendment to move metal building to MT Tech and construct an underground mine education center; MT Tech ITEM 177-1501-R1117

  6. Request for authorization to enter into off-campus lease for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (Tennis); UM-Missoula ITEM 177-1007-R1117 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2

  7. Request for authorization to appoint members to the Fire Services Training Advisory Council; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2004-R1117 | Attachment #1

  8. Summer Boiler Project; UM-Western ITEM 177-1601-R1117 | Attachment #1


  1. Staff Item; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2000-R1117
  2. Staff Item; MSU-Northern ITEM 177-2800-R111

Emeriti Faculty

  1. Robison-Cox; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2001-R1117
  2. Johnson; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2002-R1117
  3. Leonard; UM-Missoula ITEM 177-1004-R1117
  4. Stanford; UM-Missoula ITEM 177-1005-R1117
  5. Van den Pol; UM-Missoula ITEM 177-1006-R1117
  6. Garthwait; UM-Missoula ITEM 177-1008-R1117
  7. Running; UM-Missoula ITEM 177-1009-R1117
2:20 PM  
  1. Request for authorization to name the College of Engineering; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2003-R1117 | Attachment #1

  2. Request for authorization to construct a residence hall and proceed with the issuance of facilities revenue bonds; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2005-R1117 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2 | Attachment #3

  3. Request for authorization to construct and improve Dobbie Lambert Field Sports Facility; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 177-2009-R1117 | Attachment #1


  1. Delegation of authority to approve employment contracts (BOR Personnel Policies 711.1 and 711.2); OCHE  ITEM 177-103-R1117 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2

  2. Hire of President, University of Montana; OCHE ITEM 177-100-R1117
3:15 PM   Break
3:30 PM  
  1. Budget Reduction Update

  2. Dawson Community College, Enrollment Update & Plan

  3. Audit Reports
4:15 PM   Adjourn on completion of business