K-12 Partnerships


Rural Educator Recruitment and Retention Task Force

Taskforce Membership

Dr. Jayne Downey, Associate Professor, Montana State University
Dr. Mary Susan Fishbaugh, Dean, College of Education, Montana State University Billings
Dr. Vikki Howard, Coordinator, Special Education Program, University of Montana Western
Dr. Carol Reifschneider, Dean, College of Education, Montana State University Northern
Dr. Alison Harmon, Dean, College of Education, Health and Human Development, MSU
Mr. Dennis Parman, Executive Director, Montana Rural Educators Association
Dr. Kirk Miller, Executive Director, School Administrators of Montana
Dr. Stacy Klippenstein, President, Miles Community College
Mr. Peter Donovan, Executive Director, Montana Board of Public Education
Ms. Kristine Thatcher, Educator Licensure Program Manager, Office of Public Instruction
Dr. Heidi Pasek, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Great Falls College
Mr. Tom Moore, Assistant Superintendent, Great Falls Public Schools
Mr. Marco Ferro, Public Policy Director, MEA-MFT
Mr. Lance Melton, Executive Director, Montana School Boards Association
Dr. Stevie Schmidtz, Dean, College of Education, Rocky Mountain College
Dr. Amy Burland, Dean, Division of Education, Salish Kootenai College
Dr. Adrea Lawrence, Department Chair of Teaching and Learning, University of Montana

Ms. Angela McLean, Director, AIMA & K-12 Partnerships

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