Welcome to the American Indian / Minority Achievement and K-12 Partnerships webpage.  I am excited to share the work that is being done in this regard across the Montana University System with our students and their families. 

DreamcatcherOur work on behalf of students is guided by six goals:

  1. Improving human capacity building and the development of relationships and rapport with our students to ensure an environment where students succeed;
  2. Increasing Student Access; 
  3. Increasing Student Retention;
  4. Increasing Student Completion;
  5. Improving Tribal College to MUS relations, and;
  6. Growing availability of data to guide student success.

Montana’s students are our most valuable resource and I am honored every day to work on their behalf.  Through meaningful and historic dialogue and relationship building here and on our campuses statewide, I am confident we can create the change and opportunities we want to see for all of our students.

Angela McLean
Angela McLean
Director American Indian and Minority Achievement and K-12 Partnerships
Montana University System
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
560 North Park Avenue
PO Box 203201
Helena, MT 59620-3201