Humanities/Fine Arts

Requirement:  6 semester credits


Study of the Humanities cultivates an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which we gain and apply knowledge. To study the Humanities is to explore societies, cultures, ideas, and art and to examine the forces that shape and connect them. Through the Humanities, we become informed critical thinkers, integrating information, ideas, and opinions from local to global societies and cultures. A study of the Humanities often includes classics, languages, literature, philosophy, history and religion. Some campuses include Fine Arts within the category.

Humanities core courses will:

  • develop an individual’s ability to think critically, analytically and synthetically about how others perceive and express the human condition;
  • improve ability to communicate through the development of reading, thinking, writing, and speaking skills;
  • increase an individual’s understanding of how others make and express meaning in their lives;
  • create opportunities for positive human interactions through understanding and acceptance;
  • encourage personal reflection and values identification;
  • promote respect for others with differing means of expressing core values.

Upon completion of the Humanities core, students should be able to:

  • explore the human search for meaning and value in one or more time period(s) and cultures;
  • recognize, interpret, and respect concepts of values and beliefs in a global society;
  • communicate in writing and in speech, thoughtful and critical assessments of multiple value systems;
  • construct and articulate a set of beliefs and values;
  • utilize respectful inquiry to understand global concepts, values, and beliefs;
  • incorporate humanities perspectives in other areas of study.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts create communities committed to the study of how people reveal and express feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Through the Fine Arts, students explore understanding about the creative process as they construct expressions of their own creativity, talent, and passion. The Fine Arts promote understanding and appreciation of how different cultures value the arts.
Fine Arts core courses will:

  • Enable students to produce expressions of their creativity and talent;
  • examine the place of arts in cultural and intellectual history;
  • demonstrate an appreciation for the complexity of human nature and society;
  • explore the influence of the arts on individuals and society.

Upon completion of the Fine Arts core, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate the processes and proficiencies involved with creating and/or interpreting creative works;
  • reflect upon, analyze, and articulate their personal responses to artistic works and the processes involved in creating them;
  • demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of artistic expressions in various past and present cultures;
  • connect periods and expressions of art to changes in societies and cultures.


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