Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education 


Regular Meeting

May 17-18, 2001

MSU-College of Technology Great Falls

P. O. Box 6010

Great Falls, MT 59406-6010

These Minutes were approved unanimously at the Board of Regents meeting in Pablo, Montana on July 12-13, 2001.



THURSDAY, May 17, 2001


The Executive Session began at 7:30 a.m. and concluded at 7:50 a.m.


The Work Session convened at 8:10 a.m. and adjourned at 10:55 a.m. for separate Committee Meetings


The Committees Convened at 11:00 a.m. and adjourned at 12:00.


The Full Board Convened at 1:30 p.m. with a flag ceremony presented by the Lewis and Clark Historical Society.  

Roll Call indicated a Quorum Present


Regents Present: Ed Jasmin Vice-Chairman, Lynn Morrison-Hamilton, Jessica Kobos, Richard Roehm, Mark Semmens, Margie Thompson Chairwoman, Linda McCulloch Supt. of Public Instruction, and Richard Crofts (Commissioner).


Regents Absent: None


     Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of the Minutes of the March 22-23, 2001 regular meeting in Helena and the Minutes of the April 6, 2001 conference call meeting as circulated. 

       The Minutes were APPROVED unanimously.


Staff Items:

a. ITEM 111-1000-R0501 - Staff; The University of Montana Missoula  ADDENDUM
b. ITEM 111-1500-R0501 - Staff; Montana Tech of The University of Montana
c. ITEM 111-1600-R0501 - Staff; Western Montana College of The University of Montana
d. ITEM 111-1900-R0501 - Staff; Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana
e. ITEM 111-2000-R0501 - Staff; Montana State University-Bozeman
f. ITEM 111-2001-R0501 - Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus of Engineering upon David F. Gibson; Montana State University-Bozeman
g. ITEM 111-2002-R0501 - Authorization to Confer the title of Regents' Professor upon John R. Horner; Montana State University-Bozeman
h. ITEM 111-2005-R0501 - Authorization to Confer the Title of Director Emeritus of General Studies upon Margaretha Wessel; Montana State University-Bozeman
i. ITEM 111-2400-R0501 - Staff; Cooperative Extension Service
j. ITEM 111-2700-R0501 - Staff; Montana State University-Billings
k. ITEM 111-2800-R0501 - Staff; Montana State University-Northern
l. ITEM 111-2850-R0501 - Staff; Montana State University-Great Falls, College of Technology
























ITEM 111-101-R0501 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with Montana State University-Northern Federation of Teachers; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education


ITEM 111-102-R0501 - Confirmation of Governor Martz's Appointments to Local Executive Boards


ITEM 111-106-R0501 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with MSU-Billings Faculty Association; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education

       Regent Jasmin MOVED to APPROVE all items on the Consent Agenda.

         Motion APPROVED unanimously.


Andy Parker- President of ASMSU gave the MAS report


Mr. Parker reported that there were no MAS officers present at the MAS meeting on Wednesday evening.  The campus officers present discussed the individual campus fee increases, the proposed tuition increases and shared their ideas.

The new delegates were introduced and a representative from each campus gave a report on their campus.

    He reported that MAS will be voting for a new MAS President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary at their next meeting in July.

    Further, he reported that MAS supports the Regents adopting tuition increases for two years so that students would be better able to budget their college costs.

    They also discussed lowering MAS dues for the Colleges of Technology from $400 to $200.

    MAS is planning to have a web page with a message board which would also be linked to the Board of Regents web site.


Andy Parker- President of ASMSU


Mr. Parker reported that they just graduated over 2,200 students including 57 or 58 new Ph.Ds.  The classes of 1941 and 1951 were gathered also, and planted trees for the occasion.

    Lt. Governor Ohs spoke to the School of Architecture commencement group.

    Mr. Parker indicated that since he took office on April 8, he has been working with President Gamble and it has been entertaining getting to know him.  He also sits with all the deans and vice presidents to prepare the budget, including fees, tuition, transfer fees and late fees.


Christopher Peterson – President ASUM


Mr. Peterson reported there was a lot happening in Missoula, with this being finals week and graduation to occur on Saturday.

    Student government drew up resolutions on Same-Sex Health Insurance Reaffirmation, the Workers’ Rights Consortium and Opposition to the Late Registration Fee Increase.

    He indicated the students reaffirmed the Environmental Audit on campus and provided a copy of the report to the Board.

    They also endorsed the Transportation Fee, the increased Parking Decal fee and recycling on campus.  Recycling generates $11,500 per semester.  They hope to put more bins around campus.

    Students also support an increase in the University Center operation in order to continue the operating hours with more activities and a Multicultural Alliance.

    Missoula is one of the few cities included in the MTV Rock the Vote.  They hope it brings good support of local government.


Shawn Isakson – President ASMT


Mr. Isakson reported that their new student officers are Abby Osborne, Vice President and Kelly Guzman, Treasurer.  There was also a major change in student senate, with many graduated, and others voted out.  They had a good voter turnout.

    Three of their campus departments entered teams into competition in various areas.  The Environmental Engineering team took first place in the International Environmental Design Contest held at New Mexico State University, and brought home the traveling trophy on which their name can be found more than once.

    The Mining Engineering Dept. had four teams competing in the International Mining Competition held in Reno, Nevada, and two of those tied for first place with Australia.

    The General/Mechanical Engineering team took fifth place against very large, well financed schools in the Human Powered Vehicle Competition held in Reno, Nevada.  Some of the other teams were sponsored by such groups as Boeing.  Students from Montana Tech spent very little money on their entry, with donations of parts and ingenuity.

    Mr. Isakson noted that the Petroleum and Geological Departments at MT Tech are world renowned, and they have outstanding students.  Companies aggressively seek them out.  They were also awarded $25,000 for scholarships.

    He also reported that Tech has a radio station with a new studio.  The old studio will be used for recording by DJs and bands.

    There was a large graduating class this year.  The most recent year for statistics, 1999 shows a 98% placement rate overall.  Engineering degrees have a 100% placement rate.  In the past, the school has been known as a place for men, but he noted they now have a new nursing program that had 17 graduates.  All that enrolled graduated.

The Student Entertainment Committee will be changed to an Activity Committee.  The various clubs and organizations will do their own activities with the committee organizing the entertainment for all of them to eliminate duplicate events on the same date.

    Mr. Isakson reported that they want better funding for the cheerleaders to help with their uniforms.

The students are recommending the HPER fee and the Health fee.

    They are expecting a big change in food services next year when they leave Marriott Food Services and use the University of Montana Food Services.  They expect a much better quality food.


Chair Thompson noted that the Montana Standard ran an article on Shawn and his sister who is the President of the student body at the College of Technology in Butte.


Dan Geelan – President ASMSU-N


Mr. Geelan reported that in mid-April they had Campus Improvement Day.  He offered tribute to Stacey Roth, outgoing President of ASMSU-N who nearly single-handedly masterminded the events.  Spring games followed the clean up with the women beating the men in a game of tug-of-war, and also winning by default the tricycle race as the men were disqualified.

    On April 27 they held their awards convocation with the Nursing faculty honoring the entire Level 1 student group with an award to note the caring that embodies all great nurses.  This group of students rallied behind one of their faculty members who had been diagnosed with cancer, and made dinners for the family, cleaned the house and ran numerous errands.  The faculty member read an article she wrote about these students and it will be published this summer in two national professional nursing journals.  The fourteen students were honored with Student Excellence Awards, the highest honors that can be bestowed on students at MSU-N.

    Commencement was held on May 5.

    The Northern Lights wrestler Turk Lords was given the first ever Chancellor’s Excellence Award after winning his fourth national title, a feat accomplished fewer than ten times at either the NCAA or NAIA level.

Student elections were held April 18.  On the same ballot, students voted overwhelmingly to support the campus radio fee and the new residence hall fee.

    MSU-N has recently begun participation in the Sri Chomnoy Peace Blossom Program with nearly fifty American institutions.  The program is designed to enhance awareness and consciousness of the need for world peace.

    Summer session is now in full swing with finals for the pre-session taking place next week.  The first session starts the first week of June.  Free lunches will be given to full time students on Tuesdays beginning in June and continuing until the end of summer session.  At the same time, MSU-N clothing will be given away during the lunches.

Mr. Geelan reported that MSU-N has hired Brian Harrell as its new men's basketball coach.


Jennifer Gerondale - President, ASMSU-B


Ms.  Gerondale reported they held their senate elections gaining 13 new senators.  The new Vice President is Bryce Anderson.

    Commencement was held on May 5 with separate convocations being held for each of the colleges.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt was held in April, with student government stuffing over 6000 eggs for children.  Within 30 to 60 seconds of the bell, not an egg was left.  One of the participants was the Easter Bunny.

    The Student Volunteer Association put together an on-campus project for Habitat for Humanity.  In two days, they built a shed for a needy family in Billings and experienced what it was like to be homeless.  On a chilly night in April, the students put together a “Boxtown” and stayed outside overnight in cardboard boxes.  They were allowed to take only what would fit in a backpack.  For anything else, they depended on the generosity of student donations – such as food and blankets.  There was good media coverage of the event.

    Students are currently preparing for the annual Summerfest.

    The students also support the proposed fee increases and the increase for transcripts. 


Wendy Hanson-Thompson – Student Representative ASUM-Western


Ms. Thompson reported that since the campus had changed its name, the student government also changed its name.  She indicated they are now called ASUM-Western not ASUM-W.

    The recent election had the largest ever turnout of student voters.  Kim Dolan was re-elected to the position of President and Jeremy Hoscherd is the new Vice President.

    More than 250 students graduated in May and Regent Semmens spoke on higher education funding.  The students thought his speech was great because it was short!

    Ms. Thompson reported that the addition to the Rural Tech Building is coming along and probably will be complete in August.  Other older buildings are also seeing improvements.

    Student government is trying to get a recycling program on campus.

    She indicated work is being done on a variety of faculty searches.

    Ms. Thompson noted that the radio station has finished its first semester in operation.  There have been many staff, students and community individuals acting as DJs.  The variety of music runs from Blue Grass, to Church music, to Heavy Metal.

    During the recent Legislative Session, a rally was held at Western with over 400 people participating including Regent Kobos.  Although rallies seldom see many participants at Western, this one had an excellent turnout.  Students were brought up to date on what was happening at the Legislature, and students who had never been to the student senate offices showed up asking what they could do to help.

    Student government has been making students aware of the impending fee increases to brace them for the shock.


Neal DuBois – Vice President, ASMSU-GF CoT


Mr. DuBois reported that students made Easter baskets for needy families, including gift certificates to Albertsons.

They also held a Faculty/Staff Appreciation picnic with a barbecue and volleyball.

    They established a student government funded scholarship program to honor retiring Dean Will Weaver.  There will be two $1000 scholarships per year.

    Students voted to increase the student government fee from $5 to $8 (a 60% increase).

    Commencement was held on May 10.

    Student Government elections were held and April Keith is the new President, Neal DuBois, Vice President and Michael Oaks, Business Manager.  They will be working for more student involvement.



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In preparation for the New Business Agenda Item 111-110-R0501 to be discussed on Friday, Commissioner Crofts gave background information on the proposed tuition increases.  Copies of his memo with this data were available at the meeting, and it is also available on the web site.  In essence, the Montana University System has been underfunded in the amount of $25,000,000 for the next biennium.  The policy in the Executive Budget Committee of the Legislature and what was finally enacted was that all budgetary items would be funded 50% by the state and 50% by tuition.  Such a policy virtually ties the University System into significant tuition increases.  An increase of 1% in the biennium equals $2.7 million in revenue.  An increase of 5% is needed to simply cover the cost of the pay plan.  Further cuts are unrealistic, and in fact the Montana University System is the most efficient system in the region, and possibly the country.  The University of Wyoming has been cited as an example of efficiency, however they spend nearly $11,000 to educate a student whereas Montana spends just under $7,000.





President George Dennison, UM-Missoula Report 

Stephen T. Hulbert, Chancellor, Western Montana College of The University of Montana Report

 W. Franklin Gilmore, Chancellor, Montana Tech of The University of Montana Report

Rick Gray, Interim Dean/CEO of Helena College of Technology Report

President Geoff Gamble, MSU-Bozeman Report

Dr. Ronald P. Sexton, Chancellor, Montana State University-Billings Report


Alex Capdeville, Chancellor, Montana State University-Northern Report

Willard R. Weaver, Dean, Montana State University – Great Falls College of Technology Report

Terry Hetrick, President of Dawson Community College Report 

Dr. Jane Karas, Vice President/Dean of Instruction Flathead Valley Community College Report



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Level 1 Memo


a. ITEM 111-1003-R0501 - Approval of Proposal to Reorganize the Department of Management in the School of Business Administration into the Department of Management and Marketing and the Department of Information Systems and Technology; The University of Montana-Missoula
b. ITEM 111-1901-R0501 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Webmaster to the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Technology; Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana
c. ITEM 111-2004-R0501 - Authorization to Change the Name of the Northern Plains and Rockies Center for the Study of Western Hemisphere Trade to the Agricultural Marketing Policy Center; Montana State University, Bozeman
d. ITEM 111-2803-R0501 - Authorization to create an institute for researching and teaching future trends and events related to rural factors in programs at Montana State University-Northern
e. ITEM 111-2851-R0501 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene; Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology

     Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL to MOVE all items on the SUBMISSION AGENDA to the ACTION AGENDA for the July, 2001 meeting.

      Motion APPROVED unanimously




ITEM 110-104-R0301 - Amend Regents Policy 320.2; Office of The Commissioner of Higher Education - Cover Memo

b. ITEM 110-105-R0301 - New Policy on Recognition of Accreditation   Cover Memo   Letter from Malawi High Commission
c. ITEM 110-1001-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Establish a Department of Print Journalism within the School of Journalism; The University of Montana-Missoula
d. ITEM 110-1002-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add Three New Option in Public Law, American Politics,  and International Relations and Comparative Politics to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science; The University of Montana-Missoula
e. ITEM 110-1003-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add a Master of Social Work Degree; The University of Montana-Missoula  Letter from Walla Walla College    Response to Walla Walla by UM
f. ITEM 110-1004-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Nature-Based Tourism to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Management; The University of Montana-Missoula  Budget
g. ITEM 110-1005-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Microbial Ecology to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology; The University of Montana-Missoula
h. ITEM 110-1006-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Microbial Ecology to the Master of Science Degree in Microbiology and the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biochemistry/Microbiology; The University of Montana-Missoula
i. ITEM 110-1007-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree to the Present Entry-Level Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy; The University of Montana-Missoula
j. ITEM 110-1008-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Change the Name Montana University Affiliated Rural Institute on Disabilities to The University of Montana Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service: The Rural Institute The University of Montana Rural Institute: A Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service; The University of Montana-Missoula
k. ITEM 110-1901-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Network Architecture to the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Technology; Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana
l. ITEM 110-1902-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Change the Current Two-Year Certificate in Automotive Technology to a One-Year Certificate in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair; Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana
m. ITEM 110-2002-R0301 - Authorization to Offer An Option in Family Financial Planning under the MS Degree in Health and Human Development; Montana State University-Bozeman
n. ITEM 110-2851-R0301 - Approval of Proposal to Add a Medical Transcriptionist Certificate Program; Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology

      Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL of all Items on the ACTION AGENDA.

       Motion APPROVED unanimously




a. Title II Teacher Preparation Report  -  UM-Missoula, MSU-Billings, MSU-Northern, UM-Western, MSU-Bozeman
b. Reports on Cooperative Agreements with Tribal Colleges - MSU-Billings, UM-Missoula

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ITEM 111-103-R0501 - Approval of MAP policy; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education AS AMENDED
b.  ITEM 111-104-R0501 - Delete Policy 704.2 - Classified Employees; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education
c. ITEM 111-105-R0501 - Delete Policy 802.4 - Salaries; Pay Plan; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education

     Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL to MOVE Items a. AS AMENDED, b. and c. on the SUBMISSION AGENDA to the ACTION AGENDA of the July, 2001 meeting

       Motion APPROVED unanimously.




ITEM 111-1002-R0501 - Student Computer Fee Allocation; The University of Montana-Missoula


ITEM 111-2003-R0501 - Authorization to Paint Existing Areas of Auxiliaries Services; Montana State University-Bozeman

        Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of all items on the ACTION CONSENT AGENDA 

         Motion APPROVED unanimously.




ITEM 110-103-R0301 - Amend Regents Policy 940.5 - increase fee for transcript; Office of The Commissioner of Higher Education  REVISED


b. ITEM 111-1001-R0501 - Electronic Scoreboard for Washington-Grizzly Stadium; The University of Montana-Missoula


c. ITEM 111-1501-R0501 - Authorization to Proceed to Design and Construct an Expansion to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Building, Montana Tech of The University of Montana
d. ITEM 111-2701-R0501 - Authorization to Purchase Real Property (64 Mountain View); Montana State University-Billings


      Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of items c. and d. of the ACTION AGENDA.

       Motion APPROVED unanimously.


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Chairwoman Thompson read resolutions of thanks to Regent Deborah Wetsit and Regent Jessica Kobos.




ITEM 111-107-R0501 - Approval of Foundation Operating Agreement; Montana State University-Billings - ACTION ITEM

b. ITEM 111-108-R0501 - Approval of Foundation Operating Agreement; The University of Montana-Missoula - ACTION ITEM
c. ITEM 111-109-R0501 - Approval of foundation Operating Agreement; The University of Montana-Western - ACTION ITEM
d. Update on 2001 Legislative Session - Dr. Crofts INFORMATIONAL ITEM ONLY and was covered in other portions of the meeting covered in other portions of the meeting

       Regent Kobos MOVED to  APPROVE Items a., b. and c. of the OLD BUSINESS AGENDA

       Motion APPROVED unanimously.

At 3:30 p.m. the Board Recessed to meet with Faculty representatives followed by representatives of Classified Staff Senate.


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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2001

The Full Board reconvened at 9:20 a.m.


There was no public comment.



Chairwoman Thompson announced the news that Senator Dale Barry had passed away.  A moment of silence was observed in his memory and for his dedication to and support of the Montana University System.


Commissioner Crofts introduced Becky Roberts, Great Falls Field Coordinator for Talent Search and Nancy Secor-Brunk, Talent Search Counselor.


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a. ITEM 111-110-R0501 - Tuition and Fees for FY 2002  ATTACHMENTS


Budget Planning for FY 2002


The Commissioner explained that there was a single resolution for Tuition and Fees for the next year, which was broken into his Tuition Rate memo, the Mandatory Fees and Course Fees documents, and the Community College Tuition and Fees.  He recommended that the decision on tuition be made for only a one year period to allow adjustments in the second year of the biennium.  He noted that in every calculation made, it was clear that significant increases in each year of the biennium would be required.  He also asked the Board to consider whether or not the 4%, 10% and 12% increases would be sufficient.  Although this is what he recommended as increases, he indicated it was not enough for the system to hold its own.  He was open to an additional percentage point increase to these recommendations.  Additionally, he offered the suggestion of the possibility of a range of tuition increases for the various campuses.  MSU-Bozeman had requested an increase of 15%, in part caused by the extraordinary utility and terminations costs.  MSU-Northern required a 5% tuition increase simply to cover termination costs.  The balance of the campuses requested between 11% and 13% (MT Tech).

There ensued an extensive discussion on the needs of the campuses and an appropriate tuition increase to support those needs.  Regent Jasmin indicated that since he has been on Board, it has tried to balance access, quality and accountability.  At this point, quality is going down and it is now time to shift the focus to quality.  It was agreed by the entire Board that quality has become paramount and that without substantially increased funding, it would be in jeopardy.   There was discussion among the Board members of raising tuition as much as 15% in each year of the biennium.  Additionally, if the campuses are hit with a very high utility cost in the second year, that will be covered by a surcharge to students, rather than being added into the tuition.  The campuses are also requested to provide reports on productivity.

Regent Semmens wanted the record to reflect that this increase in tuition was NOT being used in place of managing expenses.  The increase is in addition to cutbacks and belt tightening on each of the campuses.  He has received several e-mails from students and families supporting the need for increased tuition.


      Regent Kobos MOVED for Support of the Tuition Portion of Item a. of the NEW BUSINESS AGENDA as follows: a 5% (including 1% for quality improvements) increase in tuition for Colleges of Technology and the Lower Division Credits at MSU-Northern and UM-Western and 13% (including 1% for quality improvements) increases at the other campuses of the Montana University System for each year of the FY 02-03 biennium barring unforeseen utility increases, in which case those would be covered by a utility surcharge to be established at the May, 2002 Board of Regents meeting.  The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education will report on improvements in quality and productivity that are included in the operating budgets as a result of this increase in tuition above and beyond what was absolutely required to meet ongoing commitments.

      Motion APPROVED unanimously

      Regent Kobos MOVED for APPROVAL of the Tuition Portion of Item a. of the NEW BUSINESS AGENDA as amended

      Motion APPROVED unanimously on a Roll Call Vote.




There was discussion of the various mandatory fees being proposed and what it would mean to students on each campus.  On some campuses the increases are minor while on others they are larger.  It was also explained that Information Technology fees were not rolled into the Mandatory Fees since the students preferred a stronger voice in how that fee is used.

    Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of the Mandatory Fees Portion of  Item a. of the NEW BUSINESS AGENDA 

    Motion APPROVED unanimously.




The Inventory of Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees had not been completed at the time of the meeting.  However, the Regents accepted the body of the Memo outlining the Proposed Changes in these fees for each of the campuses.

     Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL of the Memo outlining the Course Fees/Miscellaneous Fees Portion of  Item a. of the NEW BUSINESS AGENDA 

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.




The Community Colleges have their own Boards of Trustees, and they previously approved the proposed tuition fees for their campuses.

      Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of the Community College Tuition and Fees Portion of Item a. of the NEW BUSINESS AGENDA

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.


b.     Budget Planning for FY 2002


There was a general discussion outlining the extensive processes used on each campus in developing budgets.  It was noted that the campuses are careful to make conservative estimates of projected enrollment, and are meeting requirements set forth to increase inflationary items such as budgets for Libraries and pay plans.  With the approval of the tuition increase, some campuses plan to improve under-staffed areas such as Financial Aid, Student Services and faculty positions.  Trash collection may be improved at MSU-Northern and rather than rehiring a Director for the Library, they may simply hire a Reference Librarian.  MSU-Billings has invested several million dollars in energy saving initiatives over the last several years and are still being adversely affected by inflated utility costs.  They also expect many students to become part time rather than full time due to the tuition increases.  Regent Roehm noted that part of the message that must be taken to the citizens of Montana and the Legislature is the budget, and that it should be in a format that ties the objectives and goals of each institution to the cost of accomplishing them.



The members of the Board of Regents thanked Regent Kobos for the work she has done on behalf of the students and citizens of Montana as the student member of the Board of Regents over the past year.  They commended her for the remarkable and eloquent manner in which she performed her fiduciary responsibilities, as well as the courage she has shown in her decision-making.  

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

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