January 17-18, 2002

ITEM 114-301-R0102 -  Approval of Proposal to Add a Certificate Program in Heavy Equipment Maintenance; Flathead Valley Community College


THAT: The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Flathead Valley Community College to award a Certificate in Heavy Equipment Maintenance to any student who completes the three semester program.


EXPLANATION: Implementing a Certificate Program in Heavy Equipment Maintenance responds to community and student need and to the mission and goals of FVCC.

The addition of a Heavy Equipment Certificate Program would enhance FVCC's current offerings and provide students the opportunity to validate and pursue career goals in the maintenance field while attending FVCC. The program will prepare participating students through lecture, laboratory, and practical experience for entry-level employment in the Heavy Equipment Maintenance profession or for transfer to two and four year diesel and maintenance degree programs. The curriculum has been coordinated with MSU-N to ensure it fulfills the first year of the MSU-N two or four year degree options in diesel technology. Initiated in 1999, through a level 1 approval, the program is conducted in partnership with local secondary schools through the dual enrollment Jumpstart program and is sponsored by the Flathead Valley Professional Maintenance Business organization.

Five new courses will be added to FVCC's curriculum as a result of this new program. The financial obligations of the program will be met through reallocation of existing resources. The impact will be essentially revenue-neutral.