ITEM 114-2801-R0102�������������� Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Languages on Professor David Westenskow; Montana State University-Northern


THAT:�������������������������������������� Upon his retirement, David Westenskow, Professor of Languages at Montana State University-Northern merits the title Professor Emeritus in recognition of his excellent teaching, and of his notable professional and institutional service contributions during his career at Montana State University-Northern.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� Professor Westenskow was first employed at Montana State University-Northern as an assistant professor of languages in 1966, was promoted to associate professor in 1973 and to professor in 1998.� Professor Westenskow retired from the institution on July 31, 2001.� In addition to French, German and Spanish, Professor Westenskow taught composition, grammar, linguistics, the history of the English language, world literature, mythology, and Internet research in the humanities and social sciences department at Montana State University-Northern. It is a testament to the quality of his instruction that he received the Burlington Northern Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching in 1991.


Throughout his career at Montana State University-Northern, Professor Westenskow participated in numerous forms of institutional and professional service.� He served on most of the institution�s standing committees.� He has long been a member of the Montana Association of Language Teachers and was for three years co-editor of the association�s newsletter.� He is a member and past Montana president of the American Association of Teachers of French.� He has participated in many conferences on language instruction and, more recently, on the uses of educational technology.� For fifteen years, Professor Westenskow organized and conducted the Northern Montana College European Study Tours.�


Perhaps most remarkable to those who have worked with Professor Westenskow in recent years has been his readiness to develop new courses and new methods of instruction to meet the changing needs of the institution.� Five years ago, Professor Westenskow developed a new sequence of courses in Spanish, a language he had not previously taught.� Three years ago, he began a project, which he continues to refine, to develop Internet instruction in languages.


Professor Westenskow�s dedication to teaching, his service to the institution, and his contributions to the regional development of language instruction merit conferral of the title of Emeritus Professor of Languages.