TO:������������������ Board of Regents


FROM:������������� Sue Hill, Director

����������������������� Labor Relations and Personnel


RE:������������������ Ratification of Tentative Agreement with The University of Montana-Missoula College Of Technology Faculty Association


DATE:�������������� January 17-18, 2002

Attached is a summary of the tentative agreement with the University of Montana-Missoula College of Technology Faculty Association.� The prior agreement is on line at:�


Previously, this bargaining unit had a collective bargaining agreement that was similar to the agreements with employees at the other colleges of technology.� Both parties wanted an agreement that more closely paralleled the agreement that covers The University of Montana-Missoula faculty.� The tentative agreement adopted by reference the entire University Faculty Association (UFA) agreement except where specific exceptions were noted.� Typically, where the UFA contract language would not work for employees in this bargaining unit, the language governing that issue that was included in the prior agreement was retained.� Other minor language changes were necessary because faculty at the colleges of technology are hired and promoted to a specified salary level (I through IV) rather than to salary levels based on rank (instructor through professor).� Missoula College of Technology faculty would like to implement the UFA rank structure but more work is necessary on that issue.� Reference to the ongoing dialogue on faculty rank is included in a letter of understanding.


The tentative agreement provides for a 3.455 percent increase in salaries effective November 1, 2001, and a 2.957 percent salary increase for all full-time equivalent faculty effective November 1, 2002.� The cost of promotions is on top of these increases.� The stipend for promotions was decreased from $4,220 to $2,500 except that faculty hired prior to August 1, 2001 will continue to receive $4,220 for their first promotion and will receive $2,500 for all subsequent promotions.� Four merit awards of $2,000 each will be granted in the second year of the agreement.� The method used to compensate department chairs was modified and will in future years be dependent on the number of employees in the department.� New language was added clarifying the method used to calculate summer session salaries.� The provision that allowed the employer to buy back some or all of sick leave accumulated prior to 1989, which is cashed out upon termination at 50% of employees� wages instead of 25%, was deleted.


The tentative agreement has been ratified by the bargaining unit.� I recommend approval of the tentative agreement.


xc:������� Dean Lerum

����������� President Dennison