TO:������������������ Board of Regents


FROM:������������� Sue Hill, Director

����������������������� Labor Relations and Personnel


RE:������������������� Approval of Tentative Agreement with United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters


DATE:�������������� January 17-18, 2002


Attached is a summary of the tentative agreement reached with the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters.� The summary only includes those sections of the agreement that were modified during this round of negotiations.� The entire collective bargaining agreement is available on line at:�� The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters represents approximately 22 employees at The University of Montana-Missoula, Montana State University-Bozeman and Montana State University-Billings.� The bargaining unit has voted to ratify the tentative agreement.


The tentative agreement provides for a wage increase of 4% effective November 1, 2001, and an increase of 4% on November 1, 2002.�� The differential for foreman pay was increased from $1.00 above journeyman wages to $1.10.� The new language on employer contributions to health insurance coverage cites state law.


Most of the language changes were initiated by the employer.� The language regarding probationary periods was clarified to exclude service in a temporary position.� A new provision was added referring to the state�s conflict of interest and ethical practices statutes.� The times for initiating a grievance were tightened and a deadline was added for moving a grievance forward to a grievance committee.� The limit on the length of a disciplinary suspension was increased from five to ten days and the language regarding duration of warning letters was modified. �Under the prior language warning letters were to be removed from employees� personnel files after six months.� The new language requires the removal of just the first warning letter.� A concession made to the union was to pay foremen differential pay for assignments of eight or more hours in duration.


I recommend approval of the tentative agreement.


xc:������� Chancellor Sexton���������

President Dennison

����������� President Gamble