TO:� ���������������� Board of Regents


FROM:� ����������� LeRoy H. Schramm

����������������������� Chief Legal Counsel


RE:� ���������������� Information Technology Policies


DATE:�������������� January 17-18, 2002

The six new policies that follow are intended to make sure that electronic information technology policies across the University System are generally consistent from campus to campus and also consistent with policies applicable to other Montana State Government entities.� Policies 2 through 6 are drawn directly from policies adopted by the Montana Department of Administration on August 2, 2001 (Policies ENT-SEC- 081, 071, 011, 041, and 090).� Many campuses already have policies that address many of these subjects, but the presence of System policies will not only assure uniformity, but will also fill gaps left in campus policies.