Policy and Procedures Manual


ITEM 114-103-R0102�� ATTACHMENT�������������������������������������� January 17-18, 2002


SUBJECT:  FINANCIAL AFFAIRS                                               

Policy 940.13 - Fee waivers
Effective November 16, 2001; Issued November 27, 2001

Board policy: 

1.         The campuses of the Montana University System are authorized to waive fees in accordance with this policy. 


2.         The Commissioner of Higher Education is responsible for the general administration of this policy. 


3.         The objectives of this policy are to: 

a.         assure a uniform and equitable administration of fee waiver policies for students at the campuses of the Montana University System, 

b.         increase accessibility to public higher education for citizens who would not be able to matriculate or to continue an educational program without financial assistance, 

c.         recognize meritorious achievement or service, whether academic or through exceptional accomplishment, by students in the Montana University System, 

d.         maintain fiscal responsibility by insuring that other sources of financial assistance are explored and utilized prior to waiver of fees which reduces funds for the operation of the Montana University System, and 

e.         ensure that the allocation of fee waivers is made in accordance with federal law, specifically Title IX of the Higher Education Amendments of 1972. 


7.         Allocation

a.         All fee waivers, except Honor Scholarships for National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists, High School Honor Scholarships, Community College Honor Scholarships, fee waivers for faculty and staff, graduate teaching assistants and graduate research assistants, and athletic grants-in-aid shall include financial need as a criterion whenever possible.

b.          campuses may authorize fee waivers on the basis of superior academic achievement, service to the campus or meritorious accomplishment. 


8.         Recruiting.  No representative of a campus of the Montana University System shall offer, or imply an offer, of a fee waiver as an inducement to any person currently enrolled at another campus of the Montana University System to enroll as an undergraduate student. 


9.         Miscellaneous waivers.  Additional miscellaneous waivers which may be appropriate for individual campuses shall be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval through the Commissioner of Higher Education. 



1.         Authorizing official.  The Financial Aid Director at each campus shall be the official authorized to award financial assistance, including fee waivers and scholarships, to any student. 

No notice or authorization of financial assistance including fee waivers and scholarships shall be communicated to a student except by authorization from the Financial Aid Officer. 


2.         Reporting and review 

a.         Each unit of the Montana University System will report annually to the Commissioner of Higher Education concerning fee waivers on forms provided. 

b.         the president or chancellor of each campus, with the assistance of the financial aid director, shall annually review financial aid practices to insure that waivers are allocated in accordance with applicable policy. 

c.         The administration of this policy will be reviewed periodically by the Commissioner of Higher Education to insure that no inequities, misinterpretations or misapplications have occurred and to assist in alleviating any problems. 


3.         Continued eligibility for fee waiver 

a.         Undergraduate students are eligible for continued fee waivers, unless otherwise limited, provided reasonable academic progress is maintained in accordance with the campus�s satisfactory progress policy generally used in administering federal financial aid.  The satisfactory progress shall include the following criteria: 

(1)  A minimum grade point average.

(2)  A maximum number of terms of eligibility not to exceed 12 semesters.  An appropriate allowance will be made for those students who have been enrolled as a part-time student or in a recognized program of more than four years at some point in their academic career. 

(3)  (2) An appropriate probationary period. 

(4)  (3) A campus appeals policy. 

b.                  The Graduate Dean at each campus will recommend the continued eligibility of graduate students for fee waivers on the basis of criteria established in cooperation with the Financial Aid Director.

c.                  The above policy does not apply to senior citizens and faculty and staff fee waivers.


4.  Waivers.� Campuses of the Montana University System may grant the following waivers subject to specified conditions.� Institutions are not required, nor encouraged, to allocate the