ITEM 114-103-R0102��������� Revise Regents Policy 940.13, Procedures:�� Section 3.� Continued eligibility for fee waiver


THAT:����������������������������������� Recipients of Board of Regents fee waivers that are renewable, may have the fee waiver renewed as long as the recipients meets the financial aid office satisfactory academic progress policy.


EXPLANATION:����������������� Under the current fee waiver policy for continued eligibility, the policy states that the fee waiver may be renewed for a maximum of 12 semesters.� The financial aid officers have a very difficult time monitoring the number of semesters a student has received the fee waiver due to the number of students that transfer from one unit of the university system to another.� The financial aid officers believe that the satisfactory academic progress policy prevents a student from receiving the fee waiver for an extended period of time.� This policy is the yardstick that is used for all other need based programs.�


It will reduce the workload for the financial aid officers if the satisfactory academic progress policy is the policy governing the length of time a student may receive a renewable fee waiver. It will also provide consistency with other financial aid policies and reduce confusion for students.