November 15-16, 2001

ITEM: 113-2702-R1101   Authorization to reorganize the College of Education and Human Services; Montana State University-Billings

THAT:  The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Montana State University-Billings to reorganize the College of Education and Human Services.

EXPLANATION: Reorganization of the College of Education and Human Services at Montana State University-Billings is requested to enable the College to continue to meet the needs of the students, the faculty, and other stakeholders in a more cost effective organizational structure. The proposed reorganization of the College of Education and Human Services will consolidate five (5) academic units to three (3) academic units.

The previous organization was the Department of Counseling and Human Services, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Department of Educational Foundations, the Department of Health and Physical Education, and the Department of Special Education and Reading. The proposed reorganization is the Department of Educational Theory and Practice, the Department of Health, Physical Education and Human Services, and the Department of Special Education, Counseling, Reading, and Early Childhood. The Department of Counseling and Human Services will be blended into Special Education and Reading, and Health and Physical Education. The Departments of Educational Foundations and Curriculum and Instruction will be combined and renamed. The synergy between Health Promotion and Human Services is tremendous. The expertise found in the programs of Rehabilitation Counseling, Community Counseling, and Special Education will strengthen all the programmatic offerings. The proposed structure will have one unit that provides both the foundations of educational and pedagogical theory field of practice.

The need for reorganization of the College is twofold: (A) The continuing difficulties experienced related to budget short falls have forced all stakeholders to look at how they might be better stewards of state dollars. By reducing the academic units in the college from five to three, there will be a reduction in department chairs and administrative support. (B) The proposed combination of programs and faculty will provide for greater potential of synergy. Two specific areas for the potential of synergy are the programs in Human Services and Health Promotion. The other synergistic program potential includes Rehabilitative Counseling, Community Counseling and Special Education combinations.

Proposed Starting Date:Immediately after approval