November 15-16, 2001


Policy and Procedures Manual

NEW POLICY: Application for Graduation or Final Degree Requirement Check Sheet 

Degree Check Sheet Requirement


Board Policy: 

1. Each campus will establish and publish a formal process by which students and faculty may reach final agreement about graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degree in any given academic program.

a.       Such agreement shall take the form of an application for graduation or degree check sheet that is signed by the student, the departmental advisor, and the appropriate college or university official(s).

b. The final application for graduation or degree check sheet will be placed on file with the registrar and will be used to verify completion of degree requirements prior to the award of the diploma.


1. Students must initiate, complete and submit to the office of the registrar at the campus where they are seeking a bachelors degree an approved application for graduation or degree check sheet by the time they have achieved senior standing or earned a total of 90 semester credits of work toward the bachelor's degree.

2. Students who fail to complete this process as indicated will be blocked from course registration in the semester following the completion of their 90th semester credit hour.

3. Upon completion and filing of the application for graduation or degree check sheet, students who were blocked from course registration will be allowed to resume the registration process.