NOVEMBER 15-16, 2001

SUBJECT: Level I and II Processes for Program Change
New Procedures

Background: Program changes in the Montana University System are handled by Level I and II processes. At its meeting of September 27, 2001 the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents asked the Deputy Commissioner to reconsider items reviewed under the two levels and to move those without significant impact on resources or other campuses from full Board consideration to Level I review. Items underlined below constitute new entries and are endorsed by the chief academic officers.


Level I proposals are those which may be approved by the Commissioner of Higher Education or his designee. The approval of such proposals will be conveyed to the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents at the next regular meeting of the Board.

This level of proposals includes relatively minor campus initiatives typically characterized by minimal cost, clear adherence to approved campus missionrole and scope statements, and the absence of significant programmatic impact on other institutions within the system.

Examples of Level I proposals include:

retitling or eliminating existing majors, minors, options via a Program Termination Checklist;

deleting options

new minors where there is a major;

departmental mergers and name changes;

program revisions;

distance delivery of previously authorized degree programs.


Further, with Level II documentation circulated to all campus chief academic officers in advance, the Commissioner or designee may propose additional items for inclusion in the Level I process. For these items to move forward, the Commissioner or designee must reach consensus with the chief academic officers. When consensus is not achieved, the Commissioner or designee will move the item to the Level II review process.


Examples of Level I proposals of this type include:

new minors, options, and certificates within an existing major or degree;

eliminating organizational units such as departments, divisions and colleges or schools;

consolidating existing programs and/or degrees.


Level II proposals are those which require approval by the Board of Regents. Board policy 303.1 indicates the curricular proposals in this category:

new certificate programs, degrees and addition of majors to existing degrees;

options within majors

minors where a major does not exist;

changes in the names of degrees

termination of programs (this currently allowed as Level I with Termination Check List)

Any other organizational changes shall be presented to the Board in accord with the guidelines of Policy 218, Institutional Organization.


Academic\levels of proposals 10/25/01