Amy Unsworth: Roll Call.  Chair Lozar?

Chair Lozar:  Here

Amy Unsworth: Thanks

Amy Unsworth: Regent Nystuen? … he might be joining us, uh shortly. 

Amy Unsworth: Uh, I know Regent Sheehy is excused. 

Amy Unsworth: Regent Miller?

Regent Miller:  Here.

Amy Unsworth: Thank you.

Amy Unsworth: Regent Rogers?

Regent Rogers:  Here.

Amy Unsworth: Thank you.

Amy Unsworth: Regent Dombrouski?

Regent Dombrouski:  Here.

Amy Unsworth: Thank you.

Amy Unsworth:  Regent Tuss?

Regent Tuss:  Here.

Amy Unsworth: Thank you.

Amy Unsworth: Commissioner Christian?

Commissioner Christian:  I’m here.

Amy Unsworth: Thank you.  Uh, Governor Bullock is excused from this call, as is Superintendent Arntzen from what I heard from staff.  We have a quorum.

Chair Lozar:  Thank you, Amy. Um, this is going to be relatively short conference call.  We’ve got one item on the agenda.  It’s consent item a.  And, for those of you who don’t know, this was an item that was intended to go in front of the Board in September, and so, uh, we know that there were some impacts to not getting that in. And so, I really appreciate each of the Board members, you know, quickly finding some time in their agenda, in their schedules, to be able to meet this morning to consider this particular item. There’s a whole host of faculty at University of Montana up for tenure.  So, its… So, I would entertain a motion to approve consent item a. Staff Item, University of Montana-Missoula.

Regent Miller:  So moved.  Regent Miller

Chair Lozar:  Moved by Regent Miller. 

Chair Lozar:  Any discussions or corrections from the members of the board?

Chair Lozar:  The campuses?

Chair Lozar:  Any public comment?

Chair Lozar:  Any public comment?

Chair Lozar:  Seeing no further comment, I’ll call for the vote.  All those in favor signify by saying “Aye”

Regent Tuss:  Aye

Regent Rogers:  Aye

Regent Dombrouski:  Aye

Regent Miller:  Aye

Chair Lozar:  Any opposed?  Any opposed, same sign?

Chair Lozar:  The motion passes.  So, we have approved consent item a.  Next up on our agenda is public comment.  I’ll entertain any public comment. 

Chair Lozar:  Is there any public comment? 

Chair Lozar:  Hearing no public comment, we will adjourn our short brief meeting this morning completing the one item of business.  Thank you all again for joining us this morning and for folks on the University of Montana campus and President Bodnar for ensuring that we were able to take action on this item this morning.

Unidentified Speaker:  Many thanks to you all from the University of Montana.  This is ... uh… I really appreciate you all taking a little bit of time to do this and helping us catch up on an oversight that was having an impact on some of our faculty.  Much, much appreciated. 

Chair Lozar:  All right, I think with that Amy, we’re done.

Commissioner Christian:  Thank you all, I appreciate it.

Amy Unsworth:  Thank you

Regent Rogers:  Thank you.

Chair Lozar:  All right, thank you Board members.

Regent Dombrouski:  Thank you.


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