Montana Technological University
Location: Copper Lounge – Student Union Building
Thursday, September 12, 2019
8:15 - 11:15 AM

Committee Members: Regent Paul Tuss, Chair; Regent Bob Nystuen;
Regent Casey Lozar; Regent Joyce Dombrouski


Staff Items:

    1. Labor Agreements; OCHE/MUS ITEM 184-106-R0919| Attachment #1

    2. Authorization to Modify Phase 1 of Athletic Field Improvement Project; MSU-Northern ITEM 184-2801-R0919

    3. Authorization to Extend Program and Design Authority of the Romney Hall repurposing; MSU ITEM 184-2003-R0919 | Attachment #1

    4. Appointment of Members to the Fire Services Training Advisory Council; MSU-Cooperative Extension Service ITEM 184-2401-R0919

Policy Revisions:

    1. Revision to BOR Policy 780 – Regents’ Award for Excellence in University System Citizenship; OCHE/MUS ITEM 184-102-R0919 | Attachment #1

    2. Revision to BOR Policy 711.1; OCHE/MUSITEM 184-105-R0919 | Attachment #1

    3. Revision BOR Policy 807.2; OCHE/MUSITEM 184-108-R0919 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2

    4. Authorization for the University of Montana Western and the UMW Foundation to enter into an Operating Agreement; UM-Western ITEM 184-1601-R0919 | Attachment #1

Emeriti Faculty::

    1. Burfiend; UM ITEM 184-1001-R0919
    2. Charles; UM ITEM 184-1002-R0919
    3. Greene; UM ITEM 184-1003-R0919
    4. Sillars; UM ITEM 184-1004-R0919
    5. Volkman; UM ITEM 184-1005-R0919
    6. Young; MSU ITEM 184-2001-R0919
    7. Bailey; MSU ITEM 184-2002-R0919
10:00 AM   Break
  1. FY20 Operating Budgets; OCHE/MUSITEM 184-107-R0919 | Attachment #1

  2. Approval of the Montana University System Internal Audit Charter; OCHE/MUS
    ITEM 184-103-R0919 | Attachment #1

  3. Revision to BOR Policy 940.13 – Tuition Waivers and Discounts, to include Montana National Guard; OCHE/MUS ITEM 184-101-R0919 |Attachment #1
  1. Montana Resident Student Financial Aid Policies; OCHE/MUS

  2. MSU Hospitality Project
11:45 AM   Adjourn on completion of business