City College at MSU - Billings
Great Room – Health Sciences Building
Thursday, September 18, 2014
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Committee Members: Regents Paul Tuss, Chair; Martha Sheehy; and Fran Albrecht

  1. Report on the Montana University System (MUS) implementation of state appropriation for wages and salaries (House Bill 13)
  2. Brief review of occupational categories and related instruments of employment for the MUS workforce referenced in operating budgets
  3. Future review and update of personnel policies

Staff Items

  1. Staff; OCHE   ITEM 164-100-R0914
  2. Staff; UM   ITEM 164-1000-R0914
  3. Staff; MT Tech   ITEM 164-1500-R0914
  4. Staff; MSU-Northern   ITEM 164-2800-R0914
  5. Staff; Great Falls College-MSU   ITEM 164-2900-R0914
  6. Staff; MSU-Billings   ITEM 164-2700-R0914
  7. Staff; MSU-Extension Service   ITEM 164-2400-R0914
  8. Staff; MSU-Bozeman   ITEM 164-2000-R0914
  9. Professor Emeritus; Anderson, UM  ITEM 164-1001-R0914
  10. Professor Emeritus; Balch, UM  ITEM 164-1002-R0914
  11. Professor Emeritus; Flores, UM  ITEM 164-1003-R0914
  12. Professor Emeritus; Gannon, UM  ITEM 164-1004-R0914
  13. Professor Emeritus; Hutto, UM  ITEM 164-1005-R0914
  14. Professor Emeritus; Jones, UM  ITEM 164-1006-R0914
  15. Professor Emeritus; Reider, UM  ITEM 164-1007-R0914
  16. Professor Emeritus; Rose, UM  ITEM 164-1008-R0914
  17. Professor Emeritus; Sheriff, UM  ITEM 164-1009-R0914
  18. Professor Emeritus; Moore, UM  ITEM 164-1013-R0914
  19. Professor Emeritus; Jacobsen, MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 164-2001-R0914
  20. Director Emeritus; Wolfe, MSU-Bozeman   ITEM 164-2002-R0914
  21. Professor Emeritus; Smith, MSU-Bozeman   ITEM 164-2003-R0914
  22. Professor Emeritus; Bowers, MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 164-2004-R0914
  23. Professor Emeritus; Jesaitis, MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 164-2005-R0914
  24. Chancellor Emeritus; Groseth, MSU-Billings   ITEM 164-2703-R0914
  25. Staff; UM-Western   ITEM 164-1600-R0914
8:50 AM   Public Comment
9:00 AM   Adjourn on completion of business