Montana Board of Regents Meeting


Montana State University - Billings
Student Union Building, Ballroom

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
3:00 - 3:50 PM

Committee Members:  Regents Steve Barrett (Chair), Todd Buchanan, Major Robinson, and Joe Thiel

Printable Agenda

3:00 PM
  1. Panel from Lumina National Productivity Conference;  OCHE  S. Stearns
  2. Update on Comprehensive Mission Committee;  OCHE  J. Cech, R. Groseth
  3. Review of current COT status assessment report
  4. Update on planned listening session
  5. Update on COT rebranding/renaming planning
  6. Update on MUS/OPI Big Sky Pathways Initiative;  OCHE  J. Cech, S. York, OPI
  7. Update on Innovative Delivery of Curricula;  OCHE  J. Schaffer, R. Hietala
3:40 PM Public Comment
3:50 PM Adjourn on completion of business