Montana State University-Northern
SUB Ballroom

Thursday, May 29, 2008
4:30 – 5:00 PM

4:30 PM         Roll Call and Review of Minutes


Approval of new policy 730 (minimum qualifications for faculty in two-year programs) ITEM 139-103-R0508 | Supporting Material
ITEM 139-103-R0508: Attachment 1 | Attachment 2 | Attachment 3


Compensation planning and pre-budget economic bargaining - Kevin McRae, OCHE


OCHE Conflict of Interest Policy  ITEM 139-109-R0508

Staff Items

  1. OCHE  ITEM 139-100-R0508

  2. UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1000-R0508

  3. Montana Tech of UM  ITEM 139-1500-R0508

  4. MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2000-R0508

  5. MSU-Northern  ITEM 139-2800-R0508

  6. Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Finance:  Joseph Weber; UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1001-R0508

  7. Professor Emeritus of Dance:  Amy Ragsdale; UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1002-R0508

  8. Dean Emeritus of College of Arts and Sciences and Professor Emeritus of Arts and Humanities:  Gerald Fetz; UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1003-R0508

  9. Instructor Emeritus of Business Technology:  Carol Hinricher; College of Technology, UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1004-R0508

  10. Instructor Emeritus of Business Technology:  Vicki Micheletto; UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1005-R0508

  11. Instructor Emeritus of Applied Arts and Sciences:  Karen Hill; College of Technology, UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1006-R0508

  12. Professor Emeritus of Management:  Paul Polzin; UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1007-R0508

  13. Professor Emeritus of Geography:  Katherine J. Hansen; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2001-R0508

  14. Professor Emeritus of English: Paul Trout; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2002-R0508

  15. Professor Emeritus of Architecture:  Clark Llewellyn; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2003-R0508

  16. Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biological Engineering:  John Mandell; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2004-R0508

  17. Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biological Engineering:  Daniel Shaffer; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2005-R0508

  18. Professor Emeritus of Animal and Range Sciences:  Raymond P. Ansotegui; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2006-R0508

  19. Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biological Engineering:  Max Deibert; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2007-R0508

Labor Agreements/Other

  1. UM-Helena COT faculty  
    ITEM 139-117-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-117-R0508

  2. UM Western faculty 
    ITEM 139-118-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-118-R0508

4:55 PM         PUBLIC COMMENT

5:00 PM         ADJOURN on completion of business