Two Year and Community College Committee

Established September 23, 2004 as a standing committee


  • Regent Bob Nystuen, Chair
  • Regent Fran Albrecht
  • Regent Dalton Johnson

Charge to the Committee:

  • Develop collaborative programs with the healthcare community in Montana to assist with workforce needs in the healthcare professions;
  • Develop collaborative efforts with the education community in Montana to insure that the State has a qualified teacher corps;
  • Create similar collaborative efforts with employers, employer organizations and employee organizations statewide to provide a well trained work force within Montana;
  • Work with the two-year college community to develop policies and programs that satisfy the State's workforce needs and to increase enrollments at those institutions;
  • Assume responsibility for other tasks, as assigned by the Board or the Chair.

Updated:  June 22, 2018

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