Academic, Research and Student Affairs Committee

Established September 23, 2004 as a standing committee


  • Regent Martha Sheehy, Chair
  • Regent Paul Tuss
  • Regent Brianne Rogers
  • Regent Dalton Johnson

Charge to the Committee:

The Academic, Research and Student Affairs Committee shall:

  • review all academic proposals that require formal Board of Regents' action, and make a recommendation to approve or disapprove to the full Board;
  • review existing policies and recommend new policies relating to academic programs, research, and student services;
  • review policies that pertain to college access and success, including the interface of student financial aid policies with admissions and other academic policies;
  • coordinate requests for institutional data in the academic, research, and student affairs areas;
  • review MUS policies and commitment to American Indian and Minority Achievement;
  • review on-line learning proposals and policies;
  • assume other tasks, as assigned by the full Board of Regents.

Updated:  August 22, 2018

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