Goal Statement

Deliver efficient and coordinated services.

Goal 3:  Efficiency & Effectiveness

System Initiatives:  MUS Transferability Initiative:

The 2007 Legislature appropriated $1.5 million to help the MUS improve the transferability of courses and further develop its centralized data system.

As a result, the MUS initiated a “common course numbering” process for all

undergraduate courses. This process requires that all courses deemed to be equivalent must possess the same course prefix, number, and title; all courses with same name and number will directly transfer on a one-to-one basis with equivalent courses at the receiving institution.


As of June 2019, more than 10,000 courses in over 60 disciplines have gone through the Common Course Numbering process and developed program outcomes. This represents 100% of the undergraduate courses in the MUS.


Objective 3.3.1

Improve articulation and transferability among all 2-year and 4- year institutions, including community colleges and tribal colleges 

Metric 3.3.1


In 2019, the Legislative Audit Division conducted a survey of over 12,000 recent transfer students (response rate = 10.6%).

Transfer Survey Student Response


Transfer Survey Student Response