Goal Statement

Improve distance and on-line learning by coordinating online delivery of education across the entire Montana University System

Goal 1:  Access & Affordability

System Initiatives:  MUS Distance Learning Initiative:

In the 2005 and 2007 legislative sessions, the Montana Legislature appropriated funds specifically aimed at increasing the availability of distance learning in the Montana University System.

With these funds ($300,000 in 2005, $900,000 in 2007) the university system invested in distance learning resources, faculty, and infrastructure. As a result, Montana universities and colleges now offer more than 100 online degrees and over 700 internet courses.

MUS.edu/online is a central location for students, faculty, and the public to find information on distance education opportunities and topics in the MUS.


Objective 1.6.1

Increase student enrollment in online courses

Metric 1.6.1

Objective 1.6.2

Increase the number of online courses and degrees

Metric 1.6.1