All campuses in the Montana University System have been directed to move every course possible to remote delivery through the end of the Spring 2020 term. In exceptional circumstances where course learning outcomes can only be achieved through in-person instruction (e.g. welding, some clinical courses), classes can continue to meet. In those situations, however, campuses will implement aggressive social distancing, scheduling, and cleaning policies in order to promote a safe teaching and learning space.

To prepare for this change, you may want to consider the following right away:

Expect Communication

Your professors will reach out to you and your fellow classmates about the transition to online learning. Make sure you monitor your official student email account for information outlining their expectations for class continuation, how to contact them, how to submit assignments and more. Check back often or as directed so you can stay up to date on important updates and information.

Many student services across campus, such as advising and tutoring, will also be available online and/or via phone. Expect to receive updates from these student support units with details on how to access their services.

Stay Informed

We recommend that you sign up for campus safety alerts and updates. Signing up for these alerts will inform participants, via direct text message, of immediate safety and health notices.

Keep Up on Coursework and Activities

Students are still expected to continue working on their coursework with the same level of attention and dedication. Your professor will likely adjust the syllabus, deadlines and activities that were originally outlined in your course to adaptable distance-based activities, and deadline extensions as needed. Students are recommended to stay on track with homework, activities, and projects or reading assignments as normal. Students who are finding the transition difficult should communicate with their professors as soon as challenges arise.

Maintain Your Normal Daily Routine

We understand that it may be difficult to stay motivated when your normal routine gets disrupted and you’re asked to stay at home and away from others. One of the best ways to stay on task is to develop a schedule and structure for your day.

Your professor may still host class during your regularly scheduled class time. Though it may be tempting, please do not use normally scheduled class time to pursue other activities that do not relate to your classes. Refer to communication from your professor as to how they will continue teaching during the temporary campus closure. If you need accommodations or are having trouble with the alternative course-delivery formats due to Internet access, the need for additional accommodations, or for any other reasons please notify your professor.

Ensure Your Tools are Working

Regularly update and check on your personal technology such as laptops, PC's, or mobile devices. Several campuses are working to make rental laptops available to students, are projecting their wireless connection to parking lots, and are keeping computer labs open (and are practicing strict cleaning protocols in these areas).