Several federal and state statutes require training for all new students in the Montana University System (MUS). The required training topics include Title IX, sexual assault prevention, and substance misuse prevention. Institutions within the MUS provide training on these topics to be in compliance with the statutes and to increase the health and safety of their campuses and communities. The current training is funded by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) and provided through a third-party vendor. To take a more tailored approach to the needs of our diverse student bodies and campus cultures and to better connect students to resources in their communitities, the MUS is developing a new common training for all MUS students. The new training will meet federal compliance obligations, help students develop skills around prevention and intervention, positively contribute to campus cultures of safety, and provide important data to inform related programming in response to the dynamic needs of each new entering cohort.

Seamless System

The MUS is pursuing development of this training as part of the MUS Seamless System initiative. The training will enhance efficiency by leveraging existing resources, reducing IT burden on individual campuses, eliminating licensing fees, and reducing ongoing maintenance expenses. Using Canvas, the system's new single learning management system, will support a seamless and unified experience for any student in the montana university system.

Current Status

Development of the training is underway and on track to be complete by the fall of 2024. Full implementation across the system will be accomplished by the fall of 2025.