Montana 10 is the Montana University System's signature student success initiative that fundamentally transforms how we deliver on the promise of public higher education. Montana 10 responds to an urgent call to action to address the education and workforce challenges facing our rural state. It does so by dramatically increasing college degree attainment and increasing educational opportunity and achievement for low-income, American Indian, rural, and other underserved students, all while realizing a better return on investment for the state.

Montana 10 combines a set of ten evidence-based support strategies, real-time data analytics, and system-level policy to dramatically increase college completion and narrow equity gaps for Montana’s low-income, American Indian, rural, and other underserved students.For students participating in Montana 10, the program offers academic, social, and financial supports designed to help students succeed in college. Students who become Montana 10 Scholars are part of a special group of students all across Montana leading the way in a new way of doing college—a kind of college where students have the financial support they need, a community that knows them and supports them as individuals, and the specialized academic support that will help them to achieve their education goals and successfully launch their careers. Learn more about the scholarship and other benefits of Montana 10 and learn how to apply now. 

So far, it's working. Montana 10 has served over 500 Montanans at two-year and four-year institutions across the state. The program has increased the number of students who remain enrolled from their first fall semester to their second fall semester by over 20 percentage points compared to peers, closed retention gaps for American Indian students, and has doubled on-time completion rates for two-year college students. The program has grown to seven campuses in the Montana University system and seeks to serve 1,000 more students over the next two years.