MUS CCN Campus Liaison Contact List

Campus Liaison Phone
Montana State University Bozeman Rachel Anderson 406-994-7811
Gallatin College Sarah Maki 406-994-6234
Montana State University Billings/City College Susan Balter-Reitz 406-657-2204
Montana State University Northern Alisha Schroeder 406-265-4191
Great Falls College MSU Dena Wagner-Fossen 406-771-4312
University of Montana Missoula Nathan Lindsay 406-243-4689
Missoula College Tom Gallagher 406-243-7801
Montana Tech/Highlands College Leslie Dickerson 406-496-4879
University of Montana Western Charity Walters 406-683-7471
Helena College UM Sarah Dellwo 406-447-6908
Flathead Valley Community College Emily Jense 406-756-3811
Miles Community College Garth Sleight 406-874-6212
Dawson Community College Traci Masau 406-377-9418
Blackfeet Community College Helen Horn 406-338-2248

Liaison Guidelines

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